Human Resource Perspectivescase Study

The following example essay on “Human Resource Perspectivescase Study” tells a case study from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. It’s all about overtime and more.

Under the situational factors with laws and societal values, Terry’s work habits have to be looked from different areas of law (Kramar et al. 2011, 8-9). It depends on whether the company when employing Terry had a workplace agreement or a contract between the two parties. In this case if there were no workplace agreement the countries statuary law comes into place.

Annett’s concerns over Terry are justified because it was within Annett’s knowledge that Terry was working long hours.

Whether Terry’s work habits were a disaster waiting to happen is not something which can conclusively be argued. This depends on other relevant factors like his partner’s views in relation to marriage and his psychical stamina. At forty years of age, he should be capable of still doing such work.

The dangers of what might happen to Terry could risk the company’s liability. The dangers are that since Terry’s extra work was acknowledged by the company. Warnings should have being given to him written or otherwise. According to HRM policy choices, work systems (Kramar et al. 2011, 8-9)

Annett’s concerns are related to his health and wellbeing. However the fact that most people felt obliged to work with Terry’s example seems to be a danger to the company as there are laws in place. The fact that he never insisted people work long hours shows that Terry knew his limits.

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That fact Annette has met Terry only a few times seems to be disturbing. This is because when such a situation has risen, Annette should concern herself more with Terry’s work style and addressed the situation by discussing with Terry about his workaholic lifestyle. Leading towards Long term consequences, individual wellbeing (Kramar et al. 011, 8-9)

Disaster waiting to happen As much as we are not aware of Terry’s health and his relationship in marriage with his partner. These matters have to be addressed by Annett. Into this question we have to take into consideration other factors whether Terry had the ability in his job to take work home.

If this ranger in computer work which could be taken home, this would surely affect his marriage as less attention would be paid to his partner. 0. 4Tangible benefits According to the Harvard model this comes under HRM policy choices that include employee influences and reward systems (Kramar et al. 011, 8-9). The company which Terry works for obviously got tangible benefits. This is to be seen by the promotion he got and also a reward for the extra duties he did. Furthermore he was an example to others. This was acknowledged by Annett. The fact that Annett did not see him often and only saw him on few occasions shows that he was capable of doing his duties without supervision. Therefore this in itself is a great asset to the company. This leads to an employee relations issue, as this is a big advantage for the company.

Therefore they could argue that the directors are responsible for not putting more safety measures in place to protect the employees over committing themselves to their duties, as a result the company could suffer the consequences. Long term consequences, organizational effectiveness and social wellbeing. (Kramar et al. 2011, 8-9) For the company’s benefits such issues could be prevented.

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