Medieval Europe Essay

The heroic codes of the Medieval Europe, ancient Greece and Rome have both similarities and differences. During the medieval period in Europe there were several tribes, which were considered small kingdoms ruled by strong warriors and kings. Warriors possess the strength, courage and loyalty. They are the ones taking charge of defending their own tribes from outsiders and enemies. Kings on the other hand having the highest position have to exhibit political wisdom, along with gracious hospitality and generosity.

Greece and Rome in the ancient times also have the same sets of hierarchical dynasty.

The powerful empires of Rome conquered most portions of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Being one of the largest empires in the ancient era, they brought major influences in the Europe. Upon the rising of the Roman Empire, there were named heroes who played the most part of their domination. The history of the Ancient Greece shows clues of their powerful authority over the European language, politics arts, science, beliefs, and educational systems.

Aeneid of Virgil, according to the history of Ancient Rome was one who possessed great heroic reputation.

Among Greek heroes possessed a strong mind, a relentless nature, and a willingness to kill stature. He was one of those considered as tragic heroes. Certain heroic codes comprised the values of sincerity, time-value, and speaking ability. These made them possible to achieve their seemingly undefeatable kingdom by walking a strong but different from the typical path.

Different heroes from different centuries almost have identical characteristics. They act on to their supremacy, but according to their own spheres of influence.

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Not all heroes fight through their physical strength. Other forms of heroic fight were through liberal arts, literature, education, and politics. The courage of heroes, even including those unnamed ones is regarded as a key virtue in establishing a powerful sense of supremacy.

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