Good-Bye Mr. Chips

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Title: Good-bye Mr. Chips Author: James Hilton Point of View: 1st person Setting in time and place: At Mrs. Wickett’s house across the street from the school Main Characters: Mr. Chips- Mr. Chips is the main character of the book. He has devoted his life to teaching children at Brookfield until he died. Katherine Bridges- A younger woman Mr. Chips meets while on vacation. She later marry’s Mr. Chips and soon dies afterwards. Plot Summary: This book is about a man named Mr.

Chips. It opens up with him talking about how when “you are getting on in years” you start to get very sleepy.

Mr. Chips is a school teacher. He has been teaching at the Brookfield school for many years. He has even taught generations of children and their families. He lives at Mrs. Wikett’s house just across the street from the school. His dream was to get a headship or senior mastership in a really first class school.

But he then realized he didn’t have the qualifications for it. Mr. Chips always liked to have the boys from his school come over his house and have tea while getting to know them better. In the spring of 1896 he was forty-eight and went on vacation with his friend Rowden.

While on their vacation Rowden was suddenly called away on family business, so Mr. Chips was then left there alone. While climbing on Great Gable he saw a woman waving from a cliff that looked quite dangerous so he thought she was in trouble and attempted to go help her but instead he accidentally hurt himself.

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The woman wasn’t in danger she was just being friendly, so now she went to go help Mr. Chips instead. They began to know each other a bit better. Her name was Katherine Bridges; she was twenty-five, young enough to be Chips daughter.

At first she thought of him as old quiet and serious. Then after a while her mind changed, and they both soon started to like each other and got married in London. She made him into a whole new person! He became more adventurous, popular, and gained sureness. Then on April fools, of 1898 Katherine died! Later on in the book we meet a guy named Ralston, he is the new head of the school. Ralston really doesn’t like Chips and keeps forcing him to resign. Chips does not want to resign and nobody else wants him to either so he stays. In 1911 Ralston left to better himself.

During the year of 1913 Chips had bronchitis and was forced to resign since he already had missed almost the whole year of school. He has been there for forty-two years! Then a few years later, they want him back so he starts teaching there again! On November 11, 1918 Chips was in bed with bronchitis, as a result of this he had to resign again for the second time. Even though he never had any children, he felt as if all his students were his own. Over fifteen years later Chips died; “Brookfield will never forget his lovableness. ” Conflict: The conflict of this story is about Mr. Chips and how he gets older and older throughout the book.

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