Oreo Vs Chips Ahoy: Health Issues

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Chips Ahoy Is healthier Ores has so much fat. Many people has heart problems from eating Ore cookies all time. I’m carving for something creamy. To start off, Chips Ahoy Is way healthier than Ore cookies. For example Ore cookies have more sugar than Chips Ahoy. Chips Ahoy has 11 grams of sugar and Ores has 14 grams of sugar.

How Oreo Vs Chips Ahoy Influence People’s Health

Although this doesn’t seem like a lot, most people have the tendency to have more than one serving especially when eating cookies.

In recent studies people eat about 8,000 Ore cookies in their lifetime. This is resulting in to 112,000 fats in a lifetime or about 4 Ore cookies everyday which is more than a serving size every day. Wow that a lot a fat each day! To keep things going, Ores has caused many people to have heart problems. 100 million people get diagnosed with heart robbers and Ore cookies are one of the leading problems.

One of the biggest issues in Ores is that they fry the Ores. Even though the Ore industry is still growing and changing ever day, people still don’t get the Idea that this is bad for us. So why are we eating a dessert than upraises the chances of getting these heart problems? To wrap things up, I think Chips Ahoy Is a great cookie. It Is healthier and many people has heart problem form eating too much Ores. Which one would you choose?

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Oreo Vs Chips Ahoy: Health Issues
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