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Ashley StewartEnglish 110 Descriptive Writing “A Place That Had a Deep Impact Effect On You…” Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is America’s best-known, busiest, and most profitable tourist attraction. Of all Disney World’s wonders, the Magic Kingdom draws the most visitors. Tourists can step into the past, ride a sleek spaceship into the future, or dance with a mouse. The Magic Kingdom certainly delivers the fantasy it promises. However for me, its most fantastic aspect is that everything seems so perfect: the buildings, the characters, and parades.

Every building, object, and decoration is sparkling clean.

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Take Main Street, for example, Disney’s re-creation of small-town America in 1900. Visitors walking from Town Square toward Cinderella’s Castle cannot help but notice the gleaming paint on every well-kept building. Right down to their gold signs and gingerbread moldings, such shops as the Emporium and the House of Magic are freshly painted several times a year. Every window, street lamp, and display is free of smudges.

In fact, white-suited maintenance workers rush to pick up any litter; including droppings left by the horses that pull the shiny trolley cars along Main Street. Each night, all of Main Street is hosed down and scrubbed.

The people and of the Magic Kingdom are equally flawless. As a marching band drums in the distance, cartoon characters like Goofy and Snow White stop mingling with the tourists and begin to usher them to the sides of Main Street for a parade.

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This parade differs from any other you have seen, however. Dressed in spotless uniforms, the fit, attractive band members hold their instruments at the perfect angle. The shapely twirlers always catch their batons. All strut in unison, only to reappear like clockwork in an hour. At nighttime parades, spectacular fireworks are so beautiful Walt Disney World is the place that had a deep impact on me.

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Disney World Descriptive Essay
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