Cave Descriptive Essay

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Carlsbad Caverns The family trip to Carlsbad Cavern was a fascinating experience. The sights the smells just the overall experience was mind blowing. I don’t think I will ever experience such an amazing summer! The overall size caverns were mind boggling. Whenever we first got there we all got into a huge elevator and descended some 15 stories into the Earth. The moment you walk into these caves it feels as if you just left earth and stepped on another planet.

As we were walking with our tour guide he was describing some parts of the cavern roof was over a football field in the air.

In some of the deeper parts of the caves there were these gigantic columns that would put any man made structure to shame! The air of the caverns felt almost as if you were in the forests of the Amazon; the air was thick and sticky. You could tell that the air had a ton of moisture in it.

Being down there you had to really watch your step, because the ground and the rocks were covered in a thick residue of a gooey substance. It was reminded me of walking on an ice rink. Being down there introduced my nose to so many different smells that I had never experienced in my life. The smell of guano was definitely one of them smells.

Cave Descriptive Essay

Guano covered everything, because of the millions of bats that hung from the ceiling. Guano had a very sharp, penetrating smell.

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Guano smells almost of rotten fruit. Besides the guano the caverns were covered in an odor of old was there. The smell you get from an unopened book is what it reminded me of. Above everything the sounds of the caverns is what really astonished me. Imagine millions of little wings flapping right above your head and you can never pin point the sound or tell how close any of them are. Along with the bats there was a huge river that cut through the center of the caves that are constantly cutting deeper into the Earth.

Out of all the natural sounds of the caves the loudest were defiantly the hundreds if not thousands of people oohing, awing, and snapping pictures. Hundreds of families yelling at their kids and squeezing on to winding stair cases and walking miles was definitely a trip onto itself! To this day I still thank my parents for an amazing summer trip that I will never forget. One day I plan on taking my wife and kids on a trip just like that one hopefully they have an experience like I had. If ever in the Land of Enchantment the Carlsbad Caverns are a must see. You will not be disappointed!

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Cave Descriptive Essay
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