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What’s more, we cannot ignore the influence of the pesticide and fertilizer from agriculture. While not all the countries are facing the water pollution problem, it is a question for the whole world. Because of the large population and global climate change, the quantity Of water resource has been declined. In addition, the developing countries should be more responsible for the water quality management. With the high speed of development, they may focus more on the economic interest than environmental interest.

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And the worst result of water pollution is the death of people, according to a recent port, there is about 42% of death caused by unsafe drinking water. And it also cause the large amount of the fish died. Solutions For the industries and agriculture, the most important measure is taking process to treat the wastewater. They should use facilities to treat the water before discharging them into the sea or river. What’s more, it is also important to recycle or reuse the water in order to intake less water.

For the government, they should encourage both of the industries and individuals take the water pollution as a serious problem.

And they need to introduce mom regulation for the discharging of waste water, such as fines. For the individuals, there are many simple things we are able to do. For example, do not throw medicines or chemicals into sink, and save water by recycling use. Stakeholders The stakeholders could include individuals, governments and industries.

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It is beneficial for improving the living quality, environmental quality and products quality. The local government should be responsible for the management of water quality, such as establishing the city sanitation authority.

And the World Health Organization has also introduced a document named water pollution control in order to guide all the countries for water quality management. As the citizens, we have responsibility for taking action to protect the water resource. What’s more, we also have the right to supervise the government and industries about the water management. Conclusion Although there are many policies to prevent the water pollution, the society still ask for the more efficient measure to protect the water resource.

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Pollution Descriptive Essay
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