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Cosmetology is a challenging career that combines, public service, chemistry and artistry. There are many careers in world. Choosing one is hard if you don’t know what you want to become, but with this essay I will help you see if you are interested in cosmetology. Theres many ways you can know if cosmetology is right for you. If you enjoy helping people look and feel good about them selfs; then working toward cosmetology might be right for you. Cosmetology is not all about hair, make up or nails and it helps people identify them selfs and building individuals confident.

Essay Example on History Of Cosmetology

They educate a client to care for their own hair at home. If this is of any interest to you and if you enjoy learning new things and helping built self-esteem in others, then you should processed in a cosmetology license. Having a cosmetology license gives you a chance of own business and working the hours that fit your schedule.

It also gives you an opportunity to work around your children schedules and a chance to provide a great income for your family. The next thing ill be talking to you about is the history of cosmetology.

Im sure many of you don’t know where cosmetology come from. The field os cosmetology is divided into various branches or sections. Cosmetology includes the study of skin care cosmetics, hairstyles, haircare and many more, all of that makes up the fields of cosmetology. In todays society any of those fields can be studied and you can become an expert on any of them.

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Many say that Egyptians have a lot to do with all the natural ingredients and all the things naturally used at a spa like mud baths, aguacado masks. ow days theres many things a woman can do to look and feel beautiful. A cosmetologist needs to keep up with the latest fashion and hair, naills, cosmetics and intertact with customers. Unfortunately working conditions for a cosmetologist is inside at a hair salon, spa, or nail salon. So if you want a job outdoors, I wouldn’t choose cosmetology as a career. Normally you work area is clean and with a good atmosphere. Since you will be working around different hair dyes chemicals and standing up for long hours, having good health and stamina is very important in this field.

Being a cosmetologist, hairstyle or anything else, normally make up to forty hours a week. Many that are self employed tend to put more hours in. Hair Salons Nail Salons and Barbershops are usually very busy on the weekends. Sometimes you will have to work during you lunch and evening hours. This job requires that you put alot of time and effort, but you are able to make it work around your schedule. Many go into this career thinking its an easy job but theres alot of things that need to be learn and done well.

At a salon a cosmetologist day is busy by cutting hair, dying hair, triming, treats scalps, applying cosmetics lotions, removing facial hair and more. Its no an easy job, “Being beautiful takes pain. ” my mom said that all time. Training or skills need to be a cosmetologist is not much. You must be at least sixteen years of age. A few of states ask for a high school deploma or GED, other states ask for a bit of eight grade knowlege. You must attend cosmetology school. Cosmetology schools only last from nine to twelve months.

Thats also depends on what you want to major in. Nail desinging and skin care training time is much less. After you are done with the schooling you then much take a state test to get your license. You are required to get you license if you want to continue this career. All states requires different things, for example the testing part. All states do the testing different, theres a written test theres an oral test, others test you on your skills and then theres one were you show your skills and walk the people through

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