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Report On Customer Relationship Management At Cafe Coffee Day Submitted By (Group 14)Kaveri Arora Swati Sirohi Vikash Singh Priyanshu Singh Prakriti Srivastava Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Coffee Day is Rs. 750 crore ISO 9002 certified company. Coffee Day sources coffee from 5000 acres of coffee estates, the 2nd largest in Asia, that is owned by a sister concern and from 11,000 small growers.

It is one of India’s leading coffee exporters with clients across USA, Europe & Japan. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) pioneered the cafe concept in India in 1996 by opening its first cafe at Brigade Road in Bangalore.

Till about the late 1990’s coffee drinking in India was restricted to the intellectual, the South Indian traditionalist and the five star coffee shop visitor. As the pure (as opposed to instant coffee) coffee cafe culture in neighboring international markets grew, the need for a relaxed and fun “hangout” for the emerging urban youth in the country was clearly seen.

Recognizing the potential that lay ahead on the horizon, Cafe Coffee Day embarked on a dynamic journey to become a large organized retail cafe chain with a distinct brand identity of its own.

From a handful of cafes in six cites in the first 5 years, CCD has become India’s largest and premier retail chain of cafes with 845 cafes in 128 cities around the country.

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Internal Customer Management Recruitment & Selection Cafe Coffee Day is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Thus the need for right people, in the right place at right time is also increasing. In order to meet the demand for efficient and effective workforce, Cafe Coffee Day has adopted the correct recruitment and selection procedures.

Menu Card Of Ccd

Sources of recruitment: Cafe Coffee Day has different sources for recruitment depending on the job profile in demand. For Team Members the sources are: In store Posters Referrals and Walk-ins Recruitment and selection process: For posts of team members the following rounds take place 1. Psychometric tests, Behavioral Intelligence Test, Logical thinking and Comprehension Test. 2. Application blank. 3. Personal Interview, Operations Interview, Regional Manager Interview. For Area Manager: Recruitment and selection process: 1. Collection & review of curriculum vitae 2.

Personal interview with Regional HR Manager 3. Personal interview with GM- HR. Training & Development To ensure consistent employee performance, training and development policies are very important- even more in service sector organizations. Cafe Coffee Day has set 12 days rigorous training procedure at their office in Bangalore for all the assistant managers. Whereas all the team members undergo a 3 days training at respective head offices in North or South India. Flexible Timings The working hours are split into convenient shifts spread over 8:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Night drops are provided for late evening shifts. Employee Uniform The uniform of all the employees working in cafe coffee day outlets have uniform of Black and red color combination. Leave Benefits The employees have to work six days a week and are provided with the freedom to select any day of the week as their off day. Franchisee Management•
• •
• • Business support helps procuring easy finance Business risks are minimised Reduced cost of business due to economy of scales Training in conduct of business Technology and operating system support External Customer Management
• Cleanliness – The outlets should be clean for the customers Hospitality – They believe in providing family like environment to their customers.
• Maintenance
• • Product Quality – Should be good and should meet customers’ expectations. Service – Delivery time should be minimum. Loyalty Program Cafe Coffee Day uses special ‘Cafe Citizen Card’ for rewarding Cafe Coffee Day’s customers. It is a loyalty program to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. The Cafe Citizens Card entitles members to a 10% discount on all food and beverage bills.

The members also receive surprise gifts, along with special offers and invitations from Cafe Coffee Day from timeto- time. CRM Tools Tie-Ups – Channel [V] Get Gorgeous Hunt CCD was the exclusive on ground partner for the national hunt for the most gorgeous female models by Channel V, wherein candidates could drop their entry forms with portfolio at any CCD outlet. The event was heavily promoted by CCD through in cafe branding and on air by Channel V. CCD also launched a new range of ‘Get Gorgeous drinks’ as part of the promotion. Innovative collaterals like branded stirrers etc. were used to add that extra element of surprise.

So much so was the success of the campaign that Channel V has chosen CCD to be the on ground partner for ‘Get Gorgeous- Part II’. Movies CCD has become an important national on ground partner for Production Houses to promote movies better among the masses by means of colourful collaterals like – posters, tent cards, danglers et al. Interactivity is ensured by conducting exciting contests around the movie wherein customers with the correct answers stand to win movie cassettes, CDs, movie tickets as prizes and also through a Lucky draw get a chance to win a ‘Coffee date with their favourite movie stars’.

Hence, the ‘touch & feel’ experience to the movie. The ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ Promotion: The contest, starting July 10, 2004 ran across 168 cafes in 42 cities for a month, where any customer billing a ‘Shagun’ amount of Rs 301 was guaranteed to win at least one prize ranging from audiocassettes to movie tickets and a chance to enter a lucky draw, which would win them a coffee date with Priyanka Chopra. To heighten the excitement, CCD even created an ambience of ‘Shaadi Season’ with cafe staff wearing heart shaped badges with ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Contest @ CCD’ pinned on their shirts.

Creatively designed posters and tent cards in the wedding card format were used as tools to encourage customers to be a part of this contest. Other Successful promotions have been conducted for movies like Ladder 49, The Village, Khakee,Mughal-e-Azam, Shabd etc. ContestsLevis The 6” Below the Naval Jeans campaign, the Sykes Reversibles (Ulta Pulta) campaign, the Levi’s 501 campaign, the TLTT (The Levi’s Torture Test), the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ campaign et all are some of the successful in cafe activations designed and executed for Levi’s.

Every season CCD becomes an important media for Levi’s to launch its new range of apparels. Alongwith providing tremendous on ground visibility in terms of wall visuals, tent cards, danglers, posters etc. , a contest (wherein customers could win Levi’s GVs) is designed to inject customer interactivity and to add excitement to the entire campaign. The cohesiveness of the entire campaign is accentuated by creating a new drink and christening it as the Levi’s drink for the promo period! TVS Scooty The Valentine month in 2004 witnessed an innovative campaign for TVS Scooty.

CCD promoted TVS Scooty by means of a creative promotion which besides adding visibility and customer interactivity also conveyed the brand attitude to the end customer and helped them relate to the same. Through the ‘TVS Scooty Valentine Singles Campaign’, customers were asked to enter the contest of why they would rather be single and make TVS Scooty their Valentine that year. The slogans/answers served as a feedback forum for the brand managers to analyze the brand connectivity of Scooty with its TG, not o mention the collection of database of the potential buyers. To add to the festivities of the Valentine month, CCD created 2 special combos called the TVS Valentine Combos– Hot & Cold (2 ice blended Cold coffees/2 Cafe Mochas with a Chocolate Fantasy). The contest was of course made attractive by the no. of freebies like Sony Discmans & MP3 players etc. which customers stood to win. Not to mention the Mega prize of a 4 stroke TVS Scooty for 2 lucky winners! Liril

Liril launched its new range of soap – Liril Orange nationally through CCD by means of an innovative campaign designed for the same which included the creation of 3 new drinks called Liril Coolers (the colours of the drinks matching the new colour range of Liril) alongwith heavy in-cafe branding by means of collaterals e. g. Tent cards, Menu cards, Danglers, Posters, TV stickers, Badges & Soap dispensers (in the rest rooms). Major Competitors
• •
• •
• Barista Lavazza Costa Coffee Qwiky’s Coffee Pub Mocha Georgia Coffee Customer Reviews

Some Good Ones• The perfect desert is the sizzling brownie they serve, its outstanding, whichever outlet you go to, the taste is the same.
• •
• I was shocked to see a CCD in Ooty. No matter wherever you go, All the CCD ’s have the same ambience, furniture, menu. Music is not loud…. good decor… simple and comfortable. Yummy chocolate fantasy to go with chocolate sauce or ice creme Nice place.. pretty good ambience and hospitality fine too. Some bad ones•
• •
• • The washrooms are not very well maintained, they need to improve the hygiene, some outlets have loud music playing which does not suit the image of the coffee shop.

Snacks’ range is too limited. The amount you are giving for the snacks is not commensurated by the quality that you are getting in return for it The Cafe coffee Day board looks extremely dull & dim and brings down your energy level. Its disappointing when you order your fav item and you get a reply ” its not available” or “out of stock” I along with my friend visited CCD outlet on 01/05/2009 situated at Sayajigunj, Baroda, Gujarat and it was not a good experience. I sat at the table for more that 20 minutes but no one bothered to bring water or even menu card. Finally after asking the person repeatedly I was given only 1 menu card.

Again I sat for 15 minutes to give my order but again nobody showed up so I went to the counter to give my order but the person seemed to be lost and didn’t care to take it. Now the biggest nightmare begins. I and my friend waited for couple of minutes but nobody served us. I inquired couple of times but no response. After 30 long minutes finally I was served without any apology. After finishing my coffee I had to go to the counter to pay and the cashier didn’t give me any receipt. This was the worst experience for me and it gives a bad picture of the company showing that maybe the standard of service is falling.

The server was rude and more surprisingly there was no manager in the outlet. I wrote to Devahuti the customer service manager for all India on 2 may 2009 and he asked for my contact number, which I provided. The frustrating part is that no one ever called me even after sending 2 reminders. Looks like CCD doesn’t care about its customers. I am definitely not visiting it any more. It scores a big 0 for customer service. Stations of Experience Entrance Queue – It is usually in weekends. The outlets do not provide any lounge or any sitting space for waiting customers, instead they tell the time when the seat will be available.

Hall Station- Where the seats are there and customers select their seats according to their comfort. Food Station – Where the board listing all the drinks and eateries on display are available. Order Process – There is a cash counter where customers have to give the order and get the billing done. Delivery Process – The order is delivered on the table to the customers. Table Clearing- It is a fast process and they are ready for Observations Positives• Customer Centric Approach in case of providing products and the CRM tools.
• Cleanliness
• Value for Money
• Order Process

• •
• • Taste & Quality of Products Decor- Furniture not so comfortable. Staff Behavior- Not courteous No Feedback system Slow Service Recommendations
• Taste & Quality of ‘Other Drinks’ and deserts should be improved- Here ‘Other Drinks’ refer to non-coffee drinks like smoothies, ice tea, green tea etc.
• Delivery Time should be reduced.
• Feedback Mechanisms should be started.
• Training & Development of Staff
• Ambience (Furniture & Decor + Other Entertainment) should be improved.
• Availability of Products should be there if it is listed in the menu.

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