Bullying In The Modern World

In the 21st century, many people deal with a variety of social issues that plague society. Especially in these modern times, the social issues that continue to plague the society grow more each day. Today, more social issues appear along with advancement of technolgy. One of the social issues that continue to plague society is cyber bullying, which most commonly related to teens.Cyber bullying is not only bullying but also harrassing someone by using social media sites that continue to foster with the advancement of technology.

The advance technology of today’s world is one of the factors that contribute to cyber bullying. Due to the growing number of social media sites, bullying is no longer physical but also emotional and psychological. Bullies use social media to not only bully the victims but also harass them; bullies not only physically harm their victims but they also target the victims emotionally and psychologically.With the help of these social media outlets, the bullies constantly harass their victims by sending them hurtful messages and spreading nasty rumors about the victim.

Unlike, physical bullying that usually happens within the school campus; cyber bullying is not something that can be confined because it happens within the eyes of the public through social media. With the continuous boom of technology, bullying has not only affected physically but also emotionally and psychologically which sometimes lead to suicide and depression.With the advanced technology in the modern world, bullying has become a serious social problem among teens.

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Due to the boom of technology, bullying has become more than a problem but also a crime. The advancement of technology not only has a good outcome, but also bad outcomes like cyber bullying. Technolgy has only become a tool for advancement but also a tool for destruction.

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Bullying In The Modern World
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