The Beauty of Girls and Cars

The Beauty of Cars and Girls In this world, there are two things that men dream of having a hot girl for a date and a fast car to drive around and be the envy of everyone. Admiring the beauty of a car is that feeling inside of you, that cannot be contained and that you want to have it. The unique structure they have, they nice and shiny color the come out with, the accessories that cars come with and some others that you can put on, that is what makes a car very unique, every unique thing they have makes them perfect.

People just love cars. We cannot live without them. They make our lives much easier, makes you feel more secure.

Although sometimes cars need the brakes to be changed because they run out of control and can cause a lot of trouble. Cars ultimately give us a power of authority we feel like we are in control, but if you are not careful disaster can happen in a matter of seconds.

For as long I can remember, women have been at times, compared to cars. Girls are best of the evening for men especially who are interested in events like fashion shows and motor shows. These women have the power to make a man give them the world just by dating them, making them feel they have a chance with them, do things as they please with one end, which is control.

Cars on the other hand can be a type of girl magnet.

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Along with their sleek designs and modified engines, they rule the streets and beat the competition anywhere they go. To men, girls and cars have certain qualifications and these are the looks, the body and their power to attract men. Men can find a car and a girl very complex and difficult to understand meaning that cars can vary from standard all the way to luxury cars, men feel an attraction to the car that they like, but not knowing the complex and the difficulty men will encounter.

Cars are difficult with the new technology that they have, they don’t come out like in old days just standard. As time goes by cars come out more and more complex, having all this new features different looks everything that a man was not used to it. On the other hand girls as well as cars are very complex and very difficult to understand, like I said before they don’t come out like they used to do before, girls are more open minded now, it is a very different culture and girls have other mentality like in car case, girls are no longer standard, the more men try to understand them and try to get use to them the more omplex girls will seem. Every car has its unique shape as well a girl they have their unique body. Girls definitely have the looks that could stun every man she passes by. Girl has features and their eyes are always seductive. They also wear clothes that would look like they are painted on, for example like in cars. Wherever they go, and whatever they do, men freeze by girls. Fast cars on the other hand can be distinguished from an ordinary car just by looking at it. You can see that their features are rarely seen on the road and they have loud engines when they pass by.

Like women, their engines are the ones they use to call the attention of men. Along with their flashy designs and out of the ordinary appearances and the accessories men just love cars and girls. Reading the manual of a car is like knowing the personality of a girl. Once you have a car for a long time you understand how it works, the features it had and the accessories, men no longer need the manual because they are used to that car. Girls don’t have manual to read from, if girls did would be awesome because it is very difficult to understand them.

Once you get along with them for a certain amount of time. For example; in a relationship the couple have been dating for a long time they know each other, they know what they like, their needs, know that they think and what things can cause trouble and what not. Meaning that if you read the car manual, men will no longer need help to understand the car. In girl case treating all type of girls will help you understand what is what a girl wants. Girl can be translated as engines when it comes to cars.

The bigger the engine the car has, the beauty, the uniqueness, the faster it runs and the more attractive it is to men. Admiring the body of a car is like admiring the beauty of a chick. Men will always fall for the outside look, watching a hot car just for the look, the paint, the wheels, rims, everything makes a men just fall in love with it. In girl case is somewhat similar because men see girls just for the amazing body that they have, the clothes, hair, accessories the girl is wearing that stuns a men when the girl pass by.

Men just go for the looks never thinking if it is practical or not, for example in the car case a men might like a Porsche because they are awesome cars, look nice, run pretty fast and everywhere you go it assures you that you will capture everybody’s attention. But men are not thinking in the practical matter with that Porsche men cannot go in a trip with that car for that fact that only two people fit in there, not including the small trunk. What can man do with a small trunk, cannot go but supplies to the grocery store because nothing will feed in there is a car just for the look, but is not practical.

In the girl case you can also fall for the hot body that they have, that they are gorgeous, dress nice a lot of stuff that will make man fall. But at that time man is not thinking is that girl well-rounded because, she might look good, but what can she do? She does not know how cook, clean, do shopping, any simple stuff, she will not be used to do it. For a fact you will be the envy of the place wherever you go, because your girl will look gorgeous and will attract everybody’s attention. Another thing man have to look is the inside part because it is very important.

In the car case, the car might not look good in the outside, it seems pretty cheap or just standard but what matters is the inside, people do not know what functions that car has, the features, and the accessories, man might have it all inside that car without anybody knowing. And in the girl case the girl could be very pretty but in the inside, she could an airhead, always fighting for stupid stuff or what have you. Better to pick a regular girl who has feeling and treat you well, that she can adapt to you needs, to what you have and not forcing you to buy some fancy things or what not.

A girl like that is called a well-rounded girl. When a car is good, you know it and you don’t need to pop the hood or kick the tires to see reality. You don’t have to scratch and sniff it or touch and feel it to tell yourself the desire you hold it. All you need do is enjoy it; for as long as it last. And when the outer beauty fades and the age start to notice; remember the days when the engine purred like a kitten in your two hands and how your heart raced when she made you the proud owner of her love.

Thus, cars and girls are much alike even though they have their up and downs. In this world, there are two things that men dream of having a hot girl for a date and a fast car to drive around and be the envy of everyone. Admiring the beauty of a car is that feeling inside of you, that cannot be contained and that you want to have it. Having said that, if you can understand a car need, men will no longer need to understand girls, because they know what will they be needing.

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The Beauty of Girls and Cars
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