Julius Caesar And Mean Girls

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Mean Girls Both of these works were written in two different time periods, but have some of the most similar ideas. One way that these ;o arts are similar is the main leader Of their respective places. Another way they’re similar is the surrounding characters. Lastly, the other thing that is similar is the plot of each. In short, these two pieces of work are similar because the main ruler inside the work, the supporting actors, and how the story flows and goes.

Essay Example on Mean Girls Vs Julius Caesar

The first of the similarities is the leader of the movie and play. You can consider Regina George, the leader of the school campus, can be seen as Julius Caesar. She is the most popular at the school and everyone likes her, even though she doesn’t like them too much. This is like when Julius Caesar was arriving back to Rome after his defeat of Pompom and everyone jumped to love Caesar even though their former great leader had died at hands of the fresh guy.

Also, the other characters of both despise a plan to take down the popular being: Caesar and Regina.

This showed that they all had a powerful struts and hate towards the main leader. The second similarity is the supporting actors around the main leader. Caddy Heron, the new girl at the school, can be seen as Brutes. She seems to like Regina (Caesar) but in her mind, all Caddy could think about was destroying Region’s life.

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Janis was the first to become friends with Caddy and told her the ways of high school. Janis can be seen as Cassias because she was once great friends with Regina George, just like Caesar and Cassias being friends but soon lost their relationship due to a certain couple of personal issues.

Also, Caddy was manipulated to take down Regina, just like Cassias was to Brutes. Gretchen and Karen can also be seen as conspirators because they begin to see problems developing between the Plastic Group and with Region’s popularity. Soon, they join forces with Caddy because of loss of confidence in Regina being leader. The third and final similarity is the plot of the play. The comparison is obvious: they try to take down the main leader. There are also some other things that can be thrown in to be included. The Candy Canes that were ended out during Christmas are like the letters forged by Cassias and sent or Brutes.

This started Gretchen questioning of Regina not liking her many more. This is mainly because Caddy forged Region’s name on the Candy Cane, making Gretchen feel bad. Another one is the Burn Book being like the Will read by Marc Antonym in Julius Caesar. Both wanted people to get angry at the persons who had been accused of wrongdoing and emotions spiked all at once. The majority in both had exploded into a rage near the end. Julius Caesar had the citizens of Rome March around looking for conspirators to kill ND Mean Girls 2 had full-out brawling in the hallways of the school.

They all worked together to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Also, the main leaders of the works both get taken down by something greater than them, with Regina getting struck by a bus and Caesar inside of the stabbing ring. In conclusion, both of these pieces are super similar. The similarities are the leaders of each piece of art, the surrounding characters of the leaders, and the plots of those works. Even though these were both written by different directors, it seems that they had some of the same ideas and thoughts.

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