Aspects Of Belonging

English questions: -Explain how some of the specific events that are presented in your texts provide insight into belonging/ not belonging? -Relationships are integral to human beings feeling like they belong. Assess the truth of this statement in regard to your prescribed text and one other text. TODAYS LESSON: -Thesis statements for each aspect of belonging: -Acceptance -Understanding -Relationships -Notions of Identity -Experience -Landscape Write an introduction and conclusion for each of the questions at the top of the page. Acceptance: A strong sense of belonging within a community is reliant not only on the willingness to assimilate, but also on those already in the community to be accepting.

•Feelings of acceptance can heighten a sense of belonging whereas rejection can alienate individuals. •An individual’s fear of alienation can lead them to think or act in ways that are not true to their ideology. Understanding •For an individual to feel that they belong to a particular person, place or group, they need to accept and understand the social expectations and behaviours of that community.

Understanding the values of a person, place or group is the fundamental foundation for mutual respect that allows for a sense of belonging. •An understanding and appreciation of individual differences – even within a group – is essential for the smooth running of the society and thus is the origin of the sense of belonging or not belonging. Relationships •The need to belong to a group or community shapes our behaviour, attitude and actions. When humanity experiences a strong connection to a place the notion of belonging is strengthened and enriched.

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•When our relationship with a place is shaped by a narrow and biased view of the world, our notion of belonging can be questionable. •Connections with individuals, groups or places can nurture a sense of belonging through the relationship with that other person, group or place. •Relationships are the basis upon which an individual may feel a sense of belonging or not belonging towards a person or place. When significant relationships in life are fractured, often many other aspects related to an individual’s wellbeing will be negatively impacted. •Relationships come in many forms and can either allow an individual to experience a sense of belonging or hinder this sense of belonging. Notions of Identity •When your cultural identity is marginalised, you can feel dislocated and displaced, and believe that you do not belong to your culture or part of the dominant culture. Our search for who we are is fuelled by a need to find a place in the world where we feel we belong. •Time and the passage of time can have a significant impact on our notion of identity and from that – to whom and to where an individual might belong. •An individual’s fear of alienation can make them act or think in ways that are not true to their ideology. •Our individual identity is greatly constructed by how others perceive us. •The community surrounding you impacts your opinion of selfhood, consequently moulding your identity. Experience We search for a place to belong, not realising that it is our perceptions and attitudes, not the place, that ultimately allows us to feel a sense of belonging. •Personal experiences shape our beliefs and values and hence contribute to their sense of self and ultimately where they belong. •Experiences can have both positive and negative effects on individuals depending on the extent and power of the knowledge gained. •The way we view and assess the experiences of life can change overtime and thus impact how we establish the present and future. Place/Landscape
• Strong conclusion: Strong relationships nourish belonging, whilst damaged relationships may be detrimental to the experience of belonging” It is evident that both composers represent this interpretation, but in varying ways – while Romulus focuses more on so how relationships – and barriers to these – can hinder belonging, “other related text” focuses much more on the……. and how these flourish and nourish one’s sense of belonging/ Although different, both composers effectively present their interpretation of relationships, and how these can either nourish or hinder one’s sense of belonging. OR

In conclusion, both “” and “” show the various ways in which relationships with people and surroundings can impact an individual’s experience of belonging. Degrees of empathy, understanding, prejudice and sexual attraction, as shown in the examples above, clearly help determine the nature and strength of some of the relationships within the respective texts, and the extent to which they can and do impact on an individual’s broader sense of belonging or exclusion. Romantic, professional and cultural affiliation with others and his surroundings are integral to Romulus’ efforts to belong in his new country, Australia.

Aspects Of Belonging

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Aspects Of Belonging
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