Analyse The Legal Aspects In Purchasing

Deer what conditions might purchasers be personally liable for contracts they enter into? If you misrepresent your authority by: Making a false statement concerning authority with intent to deceive, or when misrepresentation has the natural and probable consequence of deception. Carrying out a detrimental act without authority, even though believing they have such authority. Performing an act that is itself illegal, even on authority from the employer.

Essay Example on Legal Aspects Of Procurement

Deliberately performing an act that results In damage to anyone and acting outside the scope of their authority, even though the act Is performed with the purpose of enduring the employer a valuable service.

Is an oral contract legally enforceable? Under what conditions? There are 6 conditions for an oral contract to be legally enforceable; the major ones are offer, acceptance and consideration. The other three minor ones are ‘intent to have an agreement’, capability issue (e. G. Under aged) and it has to be a legal act.

Ender these conditions an oral contract is legally enforceable. What authority does a supply manager have to make decisions that are binding on the principal? What responsibility do purchasing agents have for the consequences of their decisions? The same authority that a purchasing manager would have; a Job offer letter, Job description, employment agreement, specific instructions for example on what sort of materials you are entitled to buy or supply, company policies or procedures that details the job responsibility and levels of authority and common business practices.

The responsibilities of a purchasing agent are to perform his or her assigned duties to the fullest extent of their ability In a loyal, honest and careful manner.

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A purchasing officer may become accountable to the employer when damage occurs because of his or her negligence. The employer need to be informed consistently about detailed actions taken to accomplish those functions, and also what sort of results those actions have produced.

Commercial documents should be kept organized and detailed for the employer’s and employee’s protection, as well as to conform to stipulated regulatory and legal requirements. It is important for the buyer to be clear with whoever he deals with to know that he is representing on behalf of a company to avoid personal liability so that they are able to hold the principal responsible for any action that needs to be taken.

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Analyse The Legal Aspects In Purchasing
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