Advantages Of Online Business Transaction

Conducting business transaction online is gaining popularity among the generation, what are the advantages and disadvantages made of transaction? OR. List two advantages of online transaction. Business transaction online is an interaction in the technology world, usually between an enterprise and a person where something is exchanged. It is gaining popularity among the young generation nowdays. I believe there are many advantages of business transaction online such as get a better customer service and curtail of transaction cost.

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Most of the people today have using business transaction online because it easy and get a better customer service than doing real business transaction.

When we are on visiting website, we can greet with customer by a pop-up chat window. Customer service also always ready and will help in encouraging the customer to know more about the product or service. Moreover, payments can be made online and product can be shipped to the customer without the customer having to leave the house.

Furthermore, E-Business also has resulted in improved customer service, so if we have any problems, we can leave our comment for the seller. In general, we could see that young generation today had chosen to use this method. This is because they can choose their favourite’s things as long as they want and it also curtail of transaction cost. It is different when we buy the thing in a real life, maybe we will be cheated by the sellers or they will up the price of the things.

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Websites are sufficiently loaded with direction to facilitate stress-free transaction.

Simple and succinct instructional tabs, generally, save the potential buyer from predicaments of any surf. In addition, buy online is easy for us to know that the product or service original or not because internet has a lot of connection with other peoples, so we can use media social to get recommendation from others about the thing that we need to buy. In conclusion, there are two reasons why I had preferred business transaction online, because it is easy way for us save our time and items purchased.

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Advantages Of Online Business Transaction
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