A Study on Consumer Perception on Nokia

Nokia phone is the biggest brand company industry globally. it is most chepaest which gave more Features. Nokia provide the cheapest rates according to other competitors and well known for the lowest price all over the price. People are ready to pay extra but want the good back from the usage of the mobile and want that and expact for the long time time usage from the mobile.

The biggest benefit of the nokia mobile phones are that they are good in resold price ,a less loss can be expected as to others mobile phones.

the nokia was awarded and continously on the first price for the best mobile from the last 5 years. The first camera on the mobile was invented by the nokia mobiles phones ever in the market and it blust all the market and taken the place ,which put the others in a big trouble for not seling there mobiles phones.

The nokia was the changing its features day by the as the first camera and the tourch light music nd radio in it .

Most of the time now mobiles phones are using as for the business purposes. The camera was best in the battery timings and still known well for the battery timings its battery works more then the one day and the lower class always appriciate the nokia for the best battery providing in the mobiles phones with the lowest price.

Acheivements of nokia

The achevements of nokia is that they are trying to provide the best mobiles prices and well satisfaction to there user .

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the nokia always focuses on the goals how to improve to get the attention of there there user who appriciate the nokia and day by day there for they bringign the changes in the mobiles phones due to the greediness of the smart phones the nokia has lost its importance in the market becouse it does not follow the same conidion as the other.

Nokia market

The nokia is now getting the weak in the market but still only the low class people use this mobile phone as they can afford and its too strong in even physically as well . the first mobile was 3310 which made the huge market of the this set and then after like 1112,1110 and so on. The blast in market was also when the nokia introduce the n71 ,n91 n8 and many others like this becouse the memory card and built in memory was introduce by the nokia mobile phones.

The nokia starting inventions

The nokia mobiles phones were the biggest phones becouse there there size was too large and the customers feel ord to use this phones as of the size is the big but later when it convert and change it into the small and like the mobiles they 3310 then people appricaite it. Now the mobile charger are also available in the market in as they are called as usb charger it is easy to use even the car while travelling you can use it for the cahrging and now more comfortable is that thses chargers are also availble in the sort of bluetooth.

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A Study on Consumer Perception on Nokia
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