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Marketing planning

Unit – 19

Swot Analysis Of Nokia

Assignment-1:Marketing Audit & A ; Barriers

Task- 1

Introduction of Nokia

Nokia is a nomadic company who are committed to linking people. In September 2013, Nokia announced to come in into an understanding with Microsoft. Nokia physique with combined advanced engineering with individualized services, which makes people to remain near.

Nokia plans to concentrate on three established concern in the market segments where NSN is leader in web substructure and services. Nokia established their concern in many topographic points around the universe as Brazil- Manus established in 1998, China- Beijing established in 1995, Hungary- Komaron established in 1999, India- Chennai established in 2006. Nokia president and interim CEO is Risto Siilasmaa. Around the universe, 1.3 billion people are linking Nokia device with nomadic phone to ache phone and work with high public presentation nomadic computing machines every twenty-four hours.

Integrating Nokia device with advanced services through Ovi clients may be able to download music, Google maps, apps, electronic mail and more. So globally, Nokia provides solutions and services for communicating web.

1.1 & A ; 1.2

Changing position and rating of organisation’s capableness for be aftering its hereafter selling activity

Nokia is concentrating on cardinal concern countries like high-end smart phones and mass-market Mobile phones where each unit sections will see net income and loss duty including merchandise development, merchandise direction and merchandise selling for all client experiences.

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Nokia is making a new leading squad and operation construction by which they plan for future selling activity. Nokia is establishing new smart phone like Nokia Lumia 925, 630, 520. These symbian Smartphone is making a winning windows phone when other phone companies are updating mobile phone applications, Nokia was go oning to concentrating on nomadic phone devices instead than mobile phone applications. Therefore Nokia missed the major alterations in Smartphone revolution of its market as the client passage from traditional nomadic phones to ache phones, which the other phones companies are marketing inexpensive French telephone with assorted characteristics. The monetary value of Nokia was relatively high. The concern of Nokia has become merchandise focused instead than client focal point. So, Nokia missed the chance. But now Nokia has updated their French telephones and added some particular applications and characteristics like music, Google maps, apps, electronic mail, games media sharing, on-line shop etc in their smarts phones. As the clients of Nokia can download from ovi shops online and they can besides download figure of programmes and nomadic package for force. In add-on, Nokia website provides the solution of the job of their consumer’s device and package. Hence, the mark of Nokia is to linking people. Therefore, it can be said that Nokia can distribute their concern in the hereafter by updating their hardware and adding some sole characteristics in their merchandise.


Organizational auditing and analysing of external factors and techniques that might impact selling planning

Definition of SWOT analysis:

SWOT analysis is used to analysis company’s state of affairs by which it evaluates the company’s overall strength, failing, chances and menaces. ( Ferrel & A ; Hartline,2012 )

SWOT analysis of Nokia:

Positive Negative







Diagram of SWOT analysis


  1. Nokia is the world’s biggest manufacturer, industry and distributer of cell phones.
  2. Nokia phones are long lasting, lasting and dependable.
  3. Around the universe, Nokia is taking the planetary cell phone industry.
  4. Nokia follows all manner schemes with new coevals characteristics and manner from industries.
  5. Nokia work force works with advanced engineering.
  6. Nokia has assortment of merchandise in different monetary value scope.


  1. Nokia net income border has dropped 40 % in 2010. ( new 2010-07-22 )
  2. Nokia phones monetary values are higher comparison to other cell phone.
  3. Some theoretical account of Nokia phones has been cancelled by the distributer due to low market demand, like E-71.
  4. Nokia has few serving Centre comparison to other phone company.


  1. Today in Asia nomadic phone industry is one of the fastest turning industry. Because the population is higher in Asia beside than other continent. Hence Nokia has the chance to catch these market.
  2. Nokia has tremendous demand of possible in developing states like China, India, and Bangladesh.
  3. Nokia has chance to do net incomes by selling nomadic phone in different states.
  4. In Asia immature people wants fashionable and stylish French telephones, which Nokia has.
  5. Peoples from different income group can take Nokia French telephone harmonizing to their budget.


  1. Nokia is in a force per unit area to maintain their monetary value depression from other nomadic manufacturers.
  2. For some Chinese merchandise, Nokia is losing planetary market.
  3. It is really hard for Sellerss to compare their merchandise and maintain trueness.
  4. Some Chinese French telephones in the market do really complicated to pick the clients need.
  5. Nokia French telephones are non update comparison to their challengers as a consequence people are taking Nokia French telephones over other cell phones.

Plague analysis and its usage

Pestle analysis is defined as ( political, economical, societal, proficient factors ) analysis which are used as analytical tools for measuring the impact on a company. Pestle analysis is used to happen the existent or possible factors which affect aims of a company. ( Ruth, 2010 )

Political factors

In Asia part states like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, political instability is a major job. In Bangladesh authorities straight involved in some factors like revenue enhancement policy, employment Torahs environmental ordinance, say whether the workers are acquiring minimal rewards, maximal hours are given in wellness and safety ordinance. In some instances authorities increase their revenue enhancement and set new regulative system. These are the political factors Nokia has to face.

Environmental factor

Bangladesh is a mid flat income state. Slowly the state GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) per capita income is lifting high as people buying power is increasing particularly when it comes to mobile phone everyone is utilizing it. Peoples want to purchase phone which is long lasting and which has new characteristics. Among them Nokia is one of those trade name where people can trust to utilize. So Nokia can capture the market by conveying new smart phones with good characteristics.

Social factors

Socially every people in Bangladesh is utilizing nomadic phone. There are many nomadic phone companies is Bangladesh like Nokia, Samsung, Symphony etc. among them most of the people prefer to by Nokia mobile phone because they are long lasting, easy to utilize and hard. These yearss Nokia brings new characteristics phones like Nokia Lumia, Asha, and moddle aged and immature people loves to utilize these Windowss phone as they can easy accommodate and they can used to back up in different facets of single life style and behavior.

Technological factor

Day by yearss technological factors alterations. Without conveying advanced engineering with good characteristics its really hard to exists with rivals. So Nokia built new Windowss phone like Lumia, Asha, N8 by utilizing upgraded equipments for better fabrication.

Political environment

Economic environment

Social environment

Technological environment

Diagram of Pest Analysis ( beginning ; Ruth, 2010 )

Porter 5 force and its usage

Porter five forces is a model where administrations can analysis the impact of the company. Porter five force is used to work on scheme formulating, cost leading, differentiate and acquire focused.

Diagram of Porter five forces

Menace of new entrants

Harmonizing to analysis of Nokia the menace of new entrant is really low because Nokia phone engineering and characteristic is much progress comparison to other phones. As Nokia holds 29 % of market portion in the nomadic industry ( BBC intelligence 2011 ) . Like Nokia, Samsung, Symphony making these nomadic phone concern for a long clip. So if any company want to come and make these mobile phone concerns, they need a batch of investing beside they have to gain the trust of the clients. So the opportunity of new entrants is really low and Nokia will non to hold concern about in the close hereafter.

Power of provider

Nokia rely on its supplies to provide the equipment for their advanced nomadic phones. There are big figure equipment shapers from whom Nokia bargaining with the providers. Nokia besides have their package provider for their smart phones, like now Microsoft built Nokia package. As a taking phone company, Nokia has a really strong place to deal with the provider. Because there is a high figure of equipment provider who are ready to provide the equipments.

Power of purchaser

Nokia has broad scope of nomadic phones with different characteristics and monetary value so wholly people can able to purchase the nomadic phones within their budget. Old people besides prefer Nokia nomadic phones because it is easy to run. Nokia follows all manner schemes with new coevals characteristics and manner so clients get more attracted.

Menaces of substitute’s merchandises

Nokia has broad scope of nomadic phones with different characteristics and monetary values. So all people can able to purchase the nomadic phone with their budget. Old people besides prefer Nokia nomadic phones because it is easy to run. Nokia follows all manner schemes with new coevals characteristics and manner so client get more attracted.

Menaces of substitute’s merchandises

Nokia do non much client attention Centre, if any client stay really far, they might utilize other trade name mobile phone which client attention are available. Nokia smart phones are capable of batch of map beside there are many utility maps where client might purchase e.g. digital camera which takes better exposures than smart phones. Customers rely on nomadic phones and they expect all the maps will be at that place on their French telephone if some maps or characteristics are non at that place the client might travel and purchase other trade name smart phones.

Competitive competition

Nokia make smart phone like Nokia Lumia which are symbian package windows phones besides their challengers already by Android mobile phones which are more advanced such trade names are Samsung, Symphony etc. so there is really small distinction between the rivals which means new smart phones like Nokia Lumia will happen hard to contend with their rivals. So competitory competition is really is really high and Nokia must be cognizant of the menace that rivals have on their concern.


Organizational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning of the company

Porter 5 force analysis affect marketing planning of Nokia

Porter five-force analysis affect selling planning of Nokia by assisting to understand Nokia strength of current place of the company. Porter 5 force analysis helps to cognize the company Nokia which are impacting others companies to come in the market. It besides helps to cognize whether the other companies are impacting Nokia merchandise as a menace of utility merchandise for their lower monetary values or better public presentation.

It besides know how dependent the company is to their providers are available, which provider are giving goods at lower monetary value. The company Nokia should cognize their get downing power to purchasers like how many clients can purchase their merchandise within their scope. Compare to other companies Nokia is carry throughing client demands by given new coevals characteristics with attractive manner. By making porter 5 force analysis it helps Nokia to make marketing be aftering like how Nokia will make this concern in approaching yearss.

Task- 2


The chief barriers to marketing planning for Nokia

The chief barrier of marketing planning of Nokia is that Nokia has deficiency of cognition and selling accomplishments. There is deficiency of systematic attack in marketing planning. Nokia is confused between the selling map and selling construct. Their tactics and concern scheme is good. Comparing to other companies Nokia is non conveying new merchandise with hi-tech characteristics within a short period of clip where Samsung, Symphony can. The monetary value of nomadic phone is relatively high than other companies harmonizing to the characteristics and applications of nomadic phone. Therefore, they can non contend with their rivals.


How to get the better of barriers

To get the better of these barriers Nokia should re-examine their market scheme and selling accomplishments. To contend with rivals Nokia can split into smaller market section where the suited merchandise for that chosen market section. Nokia should moo the monetary value of their nomadic phone and they besides should add more characteristics and applications in the phone. Nokia should increase their advertisement and publicity, these is how Nokia may able to get the better of their barriers.


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