A People's Army Book Review

The following sample essay on “Army Essays”: about the book “A People’s Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years’ War” by Fred Anderson tries to discuss traditional insight into the Seven Year’s War.

The author provides new historical interpretations and analysis of the war in America’ moreover, all his ideas and suggestions are based on archeological findings. The author’s main thesis is that historians placed too much emphasis on the stories of military soldiers and people who survived in war, though it was necessary to back up on historical and archeological findings as soldier’s stories may fail to be proved.

Therefore, the book is devoted to analyzing the wartime experiences of the common and provincial soldiers, rather than to describing military campaign.The author managed to change the views on conduct of war. Anderson argues that the topic of Seven Year’s War is ignored and even neglected.

Thus, he takes deeper insight in life of soldiers benefiting from the voice of amateur soldiers.

In order to make people see the reality, he shows the true life, service and complex relations of soldiers. He writes that “although military service took place in the midst of a wilderness, camp life was paradoxically more like an intense urban experience than anything most provincials had ever known”. Apparent strength of the book is author’s emphasis on “providentialism” as the author asserts that only God is ale to guide everything in the world. That is the primary conclusion.

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Anderson also concludes that provincial soldiers after returning home aren’t willing to sever ties to the British Empire. Instead, they realized the importance of cultural identity and cultural diligence.

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A People's Army Book Review
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