Greek and Roman Tradition in Literature

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The following sample essay on “Epithalame”: discussing theme of Greeks and Romans tradition in literature and It’s impact on literature.

What is prothalamium? This wedding song from the Greeks and Romans, who sang in front of the bride or bedroom suite young men and maidens. This is probably the only thing that is original in Chardon. No, I do not think it’s not bad, it’s by French popular in the thirties and sixties.

In his novel describes the life of a family, traditional values.

Simply, he is so close to the classic novel in the worst sense. He is deprived of the vitality, sharpness, dynamic or something. I do not argue Flaubert and Balzac, too, is not very dynamic, but they are typical of his time, and Chardonnay, it seemed to me does this not as artificial.


Well, yes Pres. Okay, so long. Although I think this is a book that can brighten tyanuchee The orderly existence.

But, in fact, I began to criticize it is not so, not because of its literary value, it is not so high for me.

And for the reason that after reading Yeats, I frantically began to recall the literature typical subjects with a yield of reconstituted Yates mating deadlock. My first thought was to turn to Tolstoy and his story “Family Happiness” !, but the trouble is, Tolstoy at hand was not, and I remember the ending vague, I remember that like as the heroine of all externally normalized relations with her husband were irretrievably lost and she comforted in love for the child?!

That’s why I chose “epithalamium”.

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As a literary challenge Yates, with all my love to the French Chardon can not throw. Well, not too tough, he Yeats. That is great, and the Chardon banal vysokoparen and will forever remain in his literary swamp. Yates is like a mountain river, swift, with the onslaught, and destroy everything, including and human ideals, fragile female dreams. But, in this classic freshwater marshes, sometimes expressed grandiloquent language characters, cut out that conventional wisdom, Koya not flashed in Yeats. It sounds something like this:

«You’re right: I live a closed life. I want to live differently. I will now get up early .Budu spend more time in public. Again I’ll get some of my affairs, which deals with when I was not married, “or so:

« In fact it is in a marriage, in this quiet abode, a man alone can be truly free. A hapless bachelors just live in slavery. They constantly fall into melancholy, their constant feelings of too violent feelings. »

I feel some guilt in front of Chardonnay, for what it branded, had called the marsh and freshwater. Just I consider it a bit outdated, but no matter what, retained the conventional wisdom accumulated for centuries. Certainly the French tradition, and education is something other than the American reality. Knowing it, you can certainly apply immediately on hand as did the heroine Yeats April Wheeler. Yet, the wisdom of Chardon, hidden under tons of fine proposals the contrasting ideas Yates.

  1. For whom good Chardon: those who enjoy reading Balzac, Proust, Flaubert, etc. Let him diminutive, poor copy them, but not the worst.. And also for those who want to get healthy grains everyday female wisdom.
  2. Who absolutely can not read Chardon: reading Palahniuk, Bruce Sterling, Gibson, King, Thompson, Copeland, etc.
  3. Who can punish reading Chardon? : Above in Claim 2. and fans of the vampire saga by Stephenie Meyers.

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