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Monitoring and Evaluation Essay

Assessment Description

For this assessment task you are required to develop an evaluation report using the case study information provided, and suggest improvements to the program for future and continued use. You will need to report on major milestones, achievements and employee feedback received, as well an evaluation of the program and recommendations for improvements to the program.


Nacelle’s objectives were as follows Reduce absentee levels among employees with a goal of less than 10%.

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Reduce cases of workplace injuries occurring in the workplace due to unhealthy workers Achieve radioactivity to allow for 5 year growth plan Increase health levels within the organization.


Over the 12 month period there was a reduction of 6% in absenteeism which was still not acceptable but there was an improvement due to the program which satisfied Management that there was some success with the program The most successful program was the Stress Management Program where all up 50% of employees attended over the two series of workshops.

There was less interest in the Quit program as the time was not convenient for smokers as it was held within their break mimes. Health coaching and fitness classes were also popular due to ease of access and ongoing classes where employees could attend within their own time commitment and the area used for this type of session was based onsite creating convenience for employees . After the company committed extra funds to make the fitness area more user friendly there was an Increase In attendance.

At development stage there was 15 % of employees were Included in these sessions with an Increase to 24% by mid-year after this work was completed Overall among employees have hon. a 42% success rate by achieving their personal targets of health and weight loss Commencement of Program One third of employees voluntarily underwent health checks Allocation of room for Health coaching and personal training 15% of employees signed up for health coaching 20% employees attended stress management At 6 months Refurbishment of Fitness area to Include alarm conditioning 24% of staff are now attending health coaches and fitness classes Stress 1 OFF At 12 months 42% of employees have lost weight and achieved their personal health goals 6% drop in absenteeism


There was adequate employee feedback to indicate that they were happy with the programs set though they would prefer work hours based programs The most successful programs appeared to be the programs that were held during work hours ‘e the Stress Management with a 50% attendance rate Convenience was a major consideration for employees at Missile’s as the staff did not want to give up their own personal time.

The morning walking group was not successful due to the fact that there was no access to showers and breakfast before work which reduced attendance which is understandable as employees did not want to allow more time in their morning routine to go back home and then come back into work Comparing the cost of the program and the absenteeism rates if the program continues to grow with the next 12 months there should be a further reduction in absenteeism.

The program needs to focus on employee’s needs and convenience as this will ensure success of the program moving forward A further health survey should be offered to the remaining employees who initially did not attend with a case put forward to Hess employees to show the overall weight loss achieved over the period of 12 months.


I would recommend the following modification to be made Employees needed to be given more notice for activities to ensure attendance as employees felt they needed to work around their family commitments and the program needs to not interfere with employee’s personal time Continued programs for Quitting smoking should be continued with more promotion through the company to gain more attendance Flu shots provided through the company would prove to be successful as this reduced absenteeism during the winter months OH training would be beneficial as though the workers were healthier there was no real reduction in workplace injuries Continuation of the Biggest Loser program as this greatly reduced obesity among workers

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