E Government Model Of Public Service Social Policy

E-Government theoretical account through ICT of public service bringing was started in South Africa first clip, for the preferable as channel for citizen-centered service bringing. It means to supply quality services to the citizens of its state. In this paper we will analyze the function of E-government within developing state in the South Africa with the aid of instance survey.

First of all we will see what is E-government?


E-Government ( short for electronic authorities, besides known as digital authorities, on-line authorities or transformational authorities ) is a diffused neology used to mention to the usage of information and communicating engineering to supply and better authorities services, minutess and interactions with citizens, concerns, and other weaponries of authorities.

Delivery theoretical accounts and activities of e-Government

The primary bringing theoretical accounts of e-Government can be divided into:

  • Government-to-Citizen or Government-to-Customer ( G2C )
  • Government-to-Business ( G2B )
  • Government-to-Government ( G2G )
  • Government-to-Employees ( G2E )

Within each of these interaction spheres, four sorts of activities take topographic point:

  • Pushing information over the Internet, e.

    g. regulative services, general vacations, public hearing agendas, issue Jockey shortss, presentments, etc.

  • Bipartisan communications between the bureau and the citizen, a concern, or another authorities bureau. In this theoretical account, users can prosecute in duologue with bureaus and station jobs, remarks, or petitions to the bureau.
  • Conducting minutess, e.g. lodging revenue enhancement returns, using for services and grants.

These types of activities may be performed but non may be that all activities are performed by all the states. Some have greater but some have less

Chiefly intent of presenting this theoretical account is to direct entree to the Government.

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So better the efficiency of public services bringing in South Africa.

This theoretical account is based on instance survey research, focused on one of the authoritiess primary service bringing programmes – societal grants, as mentioned in instance survey.

South African Social Security Agency ( SASSA ) was established as an extension of authorities bringing arm that administers the bringing of societal grants to the poorest of the hapless in South Africa. SASSA ‘s

Vision and mission is aligned with several Batho Pele rules.

Batho Pele which literally means “ people foremost ” .

Introduction of this Model

Batho Pele & A ; Public Service Delivery in South Africa. Batho Pele is South Africa ‘s constitutionally mandated public service bringing doctrine. This theoretical account ensures that all the citizens can keep public retainers accountable for the degrees of service receive from authorities. The expected transmutation in service bringing is better comprehended on the contemplation that South Africa has merely been a Democratic state since 1994.

Here we look into background of this theoretical account. The way of service bringing transmutation officially began in 1995 with the release of the White Paper on the Transformation of Public Service. The WPTPS established the institutional model that could steer the debut of new policies and the execution of the new constitutional authorizations. It was shortly followed in 1997 by the White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery, labeled as the Batho Pele White Paper. The Batho Pele White Paper specifically aimed at advancing incorporate and seamless public service bringing. This was on the footing of the Batho Pele doctrine.

Batho Pele advocates nine rules to steer public

Servants ;

  • Consultation with citizens
  • Puting service criterions
  • Increasing entree to information
  • Guaranting courtesy
  • Supplying information openness and
  • Transparency damages and value for money.

On the other manus South Africa, through its Center of Public Service Innovation ( CPSI ) , places important Importance to initiatives to transform authorities ‘s manner of working through ICT – a impression normally known as E-government / e-governance.

E-Government & A ; E-Governance

The footings e-government and e-governance are frequently used to depict a authorities ‘s usage of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) to render services to its citizens. There is a argument in research community about these two footings of E-government and E-governance.

E-governance can be defined as “ the usage of emerging information and communicating engineerings to ease the procedures of authorities and public disposal “

E-government can be defined as “ the usage of Information engineering to back up authorities operations, engage citizens, and supply authorities services ” .

In the definition of e-governance, we see that it focuses on the usage of ICT to help the disposal and direction of Government.

On other manus in the definition of e-government we see that it focuses on the usage of ICT to supply the services in the support of authorities operations for the public service bringing of people of that state.

The dominant theoretical accounts for e-government find their roots in public direction theoretical accounts and e-business theoretical accounts. While research workers of e authorities differ on the rights, privileges and duties of clients, clients and Citizens. They by and large concur that e-government move through phases to make adulthood. Notwithstanding, the successful enterprises are difficult to come by. This realisation led to the really of import and implicit in concern: are authorities ICT technological inventions adhering to the rules of ‘people first ‘ , so to state, are the authorities ICT technological inventions enabling the betterment of service bringing in South Africa?

This instance survey besides tells us about the apprehension by concentrating on the authorities bureau duties for one of the cardinal service bringing plans the South African Social Security Agency, SASSA.

A instance survey of a authorities section, the South African Social Security Agency ( SASSA ) , was adopted investigate the phenomenon of e-government will be studied in the context of Batho Pele. Since the each authorities service is measured against the same rules that are defined in Batho Pele. Applicability of this theoretical account can be drawn to other authorities units.

In this instance analyze the information was collected by different ways, through structured face-to-face and telephonic interviews with people involved in presenting an ICT system to the concern units of the South African Social Security Agency ( SASSA ) .

Pros/Advantages/Merits of this Model

Any thing is non perfect in this universe except God. So every theoretical account is holding both features of virtues and demerits. Similarly here we are utilizing the E-government theoretical account which was used in South Africa for public service bringing.

We know that it is really hapless state and non so developed. So many South Africans do non hold direct attack to public services which are supplied by the Government as stated in the instance survey.

Following may be the major advantages of this theoretical account.

  1. Equally distribution of services
  2. Batho Pele aims to administer the services every bit among the populace. Not any distinction on the footing of race, gender, citizen, distance etc. its mean that every one has right every bit of public services


  3. Access to information
  4. This theoretical account besides explains that the citizen has easy entree to the information about the Government public presentation and other activities so there may be answerability in such a mode.

  5. Quality services
  6. Access to information services empowers citizens and creates value for money, quality services.

  7. Decrease of Unnecessary outgo.
  8. When there will be e-government so easy information available about every thing of authorities and authorities establishment.

    It reduces unneeded outgo for the citizens. Questions that can by and large be answered during the interview can go around around what ICT enterprises are being used to increase the handiness of the service or merchandise and how accessible these enterprises are to communities who do n’t hold the needed ICT substructure.

  9. Supplying information
  10. Availability of information with respects to merchandises and services should

    Not merely be at the service point, but should besides endeavor to increase the handiness of merchandises and services to the populace who are far off from those service points The chief country of focal point would be to increase the Availability of information to the populace who are far off From service points.

    ICT is used as a concern support tool, and since the concern of authorities is to present a public Service, ICT supports public service. The implementers of these ICT services will therefore be measured against the benchmarks of how good the public service was delivered.

    Therefore we should hold to carefully analyse the support of usage of ICT within the authorities section or bureau. This sensitiveness would greatly act upon the reading of the text collected during the interviews.

  11. Cost effectual
  12. It is convenient and cost-efficient for concerns, and the public benefits by acquiring easy entree to the most current information available without holding to pass clip, energy and money to acquire it.

    E-government helps simplify procedures and makes entree to authorities information more easy accessible for public sector bureaus and citizens.

    The awaited benefits of e-government include efficiency, improved services, better handiness of public services, and

  13. Transparency
  14. We see that due to utilize of this theoretical account transparence occurred. Due to the whole connected system through cyberspace engineering, every information is available for all.

  15. Accountability
  16. Study approved that due to E-government, there is greater answerability on each and every thing because all the information is available to every 1. So public knows the activities of authorities. So there is a answerability on authorities by public and other establishments and citizens.

  17. Democratization
  18. Through e-government the greater citizen can participation upon political issues. They can link themselves to politicians through cyberspace.

    This theoretical account gives the more crystalline authorities, leting the electors to see the consequence of their representatives. What they are making and what they are non making in right mode.

    Public can go more cognizant about the authorities activities and they can do best determination about their hereafter.

  19. Speed, efficiency, and convenience
  20. E-government allows citizens to interact with computing machines to accomplish aims at any clip and any location, and eliminates the necessity for physical travel to authorities agents sitting behind desks and Windowss. Improved accounting and record maintaining can be noted through cybernation, and information and signifiers can be easy accessed, bing quicker processing clip. Persons with disablements or conditions no longer hold to be nomadic to be active in authorities and can be in the comfort of their ain places.

This theoretical account was accepted heartily, the immature people who were non take parting in political issues before but now they are excessively take parting is national degree issues due to e-government.

  1. Hazards
  2. There are many considerations and possible deductions of implementing and planing e-government, including disintermediation of the authorities and its citizens, impacts on economic, societal, and political factors, exposure to cyber onslaughts, and perturbations to the position quo in these countries.

  3. Hyper-surveillance
  4. Increased contact between authorities and its citizens goes both ways. Once e-government Begins to develop and go more sophisticated, citizens will be forced to interact electronically with the authorities on a larger graduated table. This could potentially take to a deficiency of privateness for civilians as their authorities obtains more and more information on them. In a worse instance scenario, with so much information being passed electronically between authorities and civilians, a totalitarian-like system could develop. When the authorities has easy entree to countless information on its citizens, personal privateness is lost.

  5. Cost
  6. Although “ a colossal sum of money has been spent ” on the development and execution of e-government, some say it has yielded merely a second-rate merchandise. The results and effects of test Internet-based authoritiess are frequently hard to estimate or unsatisfactory.

  7. Lack of secretiveness
  8. Although internet-based governmental plans have been criticized for deficiency of dependable privateness policies, surveies have shown that people value prosecution of wrongdoers over personal confidentiality. Ninety per centum of United States grownups O.K. of Internet tracking systems of felons, and 57 per centum are willing to waive some of their personal cyberspace privateness if it leads to the prosecution of felons or terrorists.

  9. Inaccessibility
  10. An e-government site that provides web entree and support frequently does non offer the “ possible to make many users including those who live in distant countries, are homebound, have low literacy degrees, exist on poorness line incomes, suffer from chronic unwellness, and are individual parents or older grownups. “

  11. False sense of transparence and answerability
  12. Oppositions of e-government argue that on-line governmental transparence is doubtful because it is maintained by the authoritiess themselves. Information can be added or removed from the public oculus ( i.e. the Internet ) with or without public notice.

For illustration, after the World Trade Center in New York City was attacked on September 11, 2001, United States federal functionaries removed a big sum of authorities information from its web sites in the name of national security. This act went comparatively unnoticed by United States citizens. To this twenty-four hours, really few


In decision we see that this E-Government theoretical account of public service bringing is really of import, adopted by authorities of South Africa.

This theoretical account has advantages every bit good as disadvantages. This theoretical account has advantages of every bit information proviso, quality services, efficiency in public services bringing etc. but it has besides some drawbacks such deficiency of secretiveness, and so many other factors which may harmful for authorities through this system.

The usage of e-government as a service bringing enabler will decidedly back up authorities ‘s service betterment doctrine of Batho Pele, therefore seting people foremost.

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s engineering has become the every thing really easier, more enlightening, efficiency and cost effectual. Through this theoretical account of ICT can set people foremost, but merely if the usage of ICT is supported by the underlying concern procedures. For e authorities to be effectual, all e-government enterprises in South Africa should be integrated. E-government will merely genuinely be effectual if it is managed from a individual portfolio in authorities, and non from silos within each authorities section. Many other states have adopted this theoretical account such as United States. But degree of using this theoretical account may change. It means some are using higher degree and some states are using less degree of E-Government.

In United States E-government theoretical account was used The United States Government under the Bush Administration has created a separate portfolio that manages the execution of e-government. The Office of Management and Budget ( OMB ) is developing what it calls the “ Federal Enterprise Architecture ” that will pull off the manner in which the United States Government does concern and peculiarly through the usage of e-government ( US Office of Management and Budget, 2007 ) decelerate advancement in implementing a individual portal for Government services.

It is clear from the instance survey that South Africa needs a portfolio within its authorities that drives the execution of e-government.

This will include policy, statute law and execution criterions. This is where the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer ( OGCIO ) besides plays a function to smooth the advancement of the usage of ICT in Government.


It consists of three constituents, viz. :

  1. ICT Programme Management
  2. Government Chief Operations Officer and
  3. E-Government Architecture and Integration.

The instance survey was focused on merely one country of e-government within the public service of South Africa, viz. the Department of Social Development and its service bringing constituent, the South African Social Security Agency. Similarly there is demand to done this in the other sections of Government of public service bringing. Which are inefficient as compared to others? And guarantee that the usage of ICT is effectual at all authorities sections. It is proposed that there is demand to be studied at sections that come under the deficiency of service bringing similar surveies should be done with Other sections to guarantee that the usage of ICT is effectual at all authorities sections, such as the

  • Department of Home Affairs ( ID book and passport applications )
  • Department of Transport ( license applications and vehicle enrollments )
  • South African Revenue services ( revenue enhancement returns )

Mentions: –

  • E-Government & A ; Public Service Delivery: Enabling ICT to set “ Peoples First ” A Case Study from South Africa. By Wikus VISSER and Hossana TWINOMURINZI

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