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”The idea to re-read “Dunno on the Moon” came to me unexpectedly. Ted items on the top shelf, I have broken over the years to maintain balance, and a 400 page book artfully jumping out of the mountain of trash, hit me in the forehead. Considering it as a sign from above, I decided to read the book. What can I say, Nosov genius and visionary. Perhaps he wanted to show the “rotten West” and oppose the Soviet happy future, but as of now we can see, he got grim description of our reality.

He described all pyramid schemes, Cop lawlessness, corruption, a surge of crime, unemployment, lack of understanding of ordinary citizens of what is happening, sudden enrichment of individuals, the sale of weapons, domination of advertising and many others with which we are faced after the collapse of the USSR. Or maybe it’s our “reformers” in the absence of other sources of Nosov carry out their reforms? Then they were wrong book, “Sun City” I like it closer than the moon.

So, Dunno and donuts as a result of theft of the spacecraft reach the moon (the collapse of the USSR, the result of a criminal conspiracy, a nationwide referendum, or plebiscite, decided to maintain Union (except for Moscow by the way)). Dunno gets a shock stick (our police will be equipped with the same), and sent to prison where he extorted a bribe without knowing (pun intended) of the commodity-money relations (and extort bribes are now everywhere). After his release, he pulled into a scam “Society giant plant” (MMM, vouchers), AO purpose of which was built ship for delivery to the earth rocket plant seeds, for terrestrial flora several times larger than the moon (2 Volga, 100%, 150%, 200% per annum).

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As a result of “partners” run away with the money (unless Mavrodi did not have time, and Hodor). Forced to flee from the mob of angry depositors, which was warmed by a skillful PR firm Dunno and his companion Goat gradually begin to roll.

Further interesting. History donuts. Going down on the moon, he discovers a valuable resource and salt, which was lying unattended on the beach, and the value that the Selenites have no idea (oil, gas, coal and a lot of what was “just” get their hands after the collapse of the USSR). He is a smart, he calculated by monitoring the presence of commodity-money relations, and starts trading with salt. Business went from small, he gradually gets richer (the stage of initial accumulation of capital), but soon opposed by monopolies and loses all (capital allocation stage).

Joking aside, however, I went cold from one scene from the book . So, 2nd expedition comes from Earth to the moon. Selenites meet them aimed fire, but improved weightlessness generator allows earthlings to keep the defense. It began to spread the seeds of terrestrial plants, and distributed to the local population of weightlessness generator and rocks blocking the effects generator. Local authorities, anticipating all the consequences of seed dispersal, gave the order to storm the village. Sturm was covered by local media carried live coverage of the attack, and then …

«TV screens instantly extinguished. After a few seconds, they flashed some kind of band, and appeared before viewers announcer said with a pleasant smile:

– And now, dear friends, we invite you to dance … Remove furniture. Chairs put against the walls or completely moved out of the room, a table, you can push into a corner … heard the music. »

wade? Me yes. And what can we say about the island of fools? Yes, we are all on this island. Do what you want, see what you want, Eat what you want, drink what you want, but do not want, to make. Do not read, do not think, and be merry! Raped? Relax and have fun!

Slightly hit upon the idea of ​​the author, the conclusion as well, and on freedom of sexual relations on the island. Now the 18 year old girl, is puzzling, and even a 20 year old – surprise. Pushed through a bill Amendments to the Criminal Code that would allow a “progressive Russians” have sex with 14 year old, then the truth fixed 16 year old, many were dissatisfied with this “totalitarian” editing, and thought still there are willing again to lower the minimum age to 14 years. Ask why? In the book there is an answer:

«The first time you will be there and feed and water, and treat what you want, and nothing to do not have to. He knows yourself but eat drink and be merry but sleep, so enjoy yourself all you like. From such a stupid pastime shorty on the island gradually becomes stupid, running wild, then it starts to grow into hair and eventually turns into a sheep or a sheep

-. And for that rich, that short people were turned into sheep ?

– As if you do not understand! The rich are forced to cut workers of sheep and wool to sell. Large capitals are cashing in! »

So, welcome to the moon, the train to the Isle of Fools goes at 08:12, please do not be late.

But still Nosov wrote a story, with a happy end and a hint of a sequel. Maybe in our fairy tale is a happy sequel? Well, wait and see

Instead, P.S.. (Bike)

Soon inauguration of Yeltsin. Traditionally necessary oath, but not on anything. The Bible does not fit, there are many Muslims who do not understand. And our Constitution, it was too thin, not solid. Decided to put the constitution to the comments, but time is running out, do not have time to drive. Then he decided to enclose any book, the main thing thicker and more impressive, because Yeltsin only a hand on it and hold it. Only such a book found at the operator. He bought his son a gift edition “Dunno on the Moon.” And Yeltsin took the oath on it. The man who believed virtually all sworn to respect and honor “Dunno on the Moon.” Is not it because …

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