Blue Moon Company

Blue Moon Company is a small food industry in Sabah. The company established since March 2018 and located in Donggongon, Penampang, Sabah.. Chung Jia Horng who is the founder of Blue Moon Company who is willing to take the risk to start up the business with the low capital. For the director of marketing department is Fung Oi Chuu who is responsible for promote the business. For information technology department is Voong Hui Na, finance department is Lee Pei Ling and also administrative department is Liew Li Eun.

Besides that, Blue Moon Company are selling different kind of food and drink such as Japanese cuisine and Western dishes.

For instance, the company are selling sausage cheese roll, macaroni, sushi, orange drink, lime juice and green tea to customers. In the view of venture, the company can generate higher profit even though only operates for three days. In order to achieve higher profit, we select the ingredient which the cost is lower but can generate higher revenue.

We spent our time to discuss which dishes are using the lesser cost and the more easiest to do it. Through this step, we not only can save time to do the promotion, but also can earn higher profit. Each of the members are try their best to promote the menu in polite and friendly way to the lecturers and students as well as staffs. Besides that, the members even satisfied their sleeping to prepare the food which is to be sold for the three days of entrepreneur week.

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The key to success the business is the professionalism. Each of the members are supporting each others in anytime. For example, Voong Hui Na taught the members how to roll the sushi in the correct way. We use the start-up cost to buy the ingredient and tools that need to be used in the business. Although there is excess of plastic bags that we had bought for the use in the business, we divided it equally and distribute to each of the members. Apart from that, we design another type of sausage roll that is without cheese version due to insufficient cheese. Thus, the excess of bread and sausage can be used and there is no wastage of the ingredient. In addition, there is lack of containers so we place the food into the cups instead of container and there is no complaint from the customers.

The customers are satisfied with the products and services and even demand for more product in the next day such as sushi and sausage cheese rol  In my opinion, entrepreneur week is the best practice for the beginner of the food industry. With this event, the members can know what the market demand for and how to make higher profit in a shorter period with lower start-up cost. In this entrepreneur week, the members learn how to interact with the customers and the strategic that used to do promotion. It not only can improve the communication skills, but also can learn how to conduct a business. The business is doing well during these three days of entrepreneur week because most of the customers are purchase through the pre- order instead of buy directly.

For example, we promote the menu through the social network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Wechat. For my suggestion, our company need to produce even more products for sale because there still a lot of order from the customers even though the menu is already closed. With this suggestion, the company can generate even more higher profit than previously. In addition, the company should employ more staffs in order to increase the operation of the business. One of the option of exit strategy for Blue Moon Company is giving discount. The company should lower the price when the product is unable to sell at the original price. With this option, the product can be sold even more quickly but it will only generate lower profit because the price is being discounted. Moreover, used up all the resources are available also one of the option of exit strategy. We can produce the products based on the available resources instead of buying additional resources. For example, used up all the ingredient of sushi to make sushi. When all the resources are being used up , there is no wastage of the unused resources. As a result, it not only can save cost but also can reduce the wastage.

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