Dream Vs Reality Essay

Dreams vs.. Reality Corm McCarthy has written many terrific novels Including the book “The Road”. In this book McCarthy uses the theme dreams vs.. Reality often. Many other authors have also used this theme, including F. Scott Fitzgerald. Corm McCarthy and F. Scott Fitzgerald have very different writing styles, although they both have the reoccurring theme of dreams vs.. Reality. In the book “The Road” there are numerous examples of how McCarthy compares dreams and reality. One of the main of examples of this is the man dreaming of his wife.

Essay Example on Dreams Vs Reality

In the story, the wife Is never physically there; she Is always a thought, a Emory or a dream. The old man often dreams of their perfect relationship and how wonderful and gorgeous she was. He dreamt of her in a magnificent dress, with a dashing smile and luscious dark hair. The man dreaming of his wife so often meant something. His wife was a wonderful thing and it also is something he lost.

This is a direct comparison to his life. He had a fantastic life and now after the disaster his life Is ruined and destroyed Just Like his wife.

The boy himself also had dreams. The boy’s dreams were not as happy and good as the father; rather they were dark and scary, bad dreams. One dream in specific was the dream of a wound it up toy. As the boy woke whimpering he told his father everything about the dream.

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“l had this penguin that you wound up and it would waddle and flap its flippers. We were in that house that we used to live in and it came around the corner but nobody had wound It up and It was really scary. ” (The Road 14) To many people this might sound foolish. UT this was a child and had many scary thoughts dancing around his head and his dreams were how he expressed his thoughts. Later in the story, Just before the Man’s death, he gave the boy some very wise advice. When your dreams are of some world that never was or of some world that never will be and you are happy again then you will have given up. Do you understand? And you can’t give up. I wont let you. ” (The Road 66) In essence, what the Man Is trying to say Is that without bad dreams there Is no end and with good dreams the end is near.

When your dreams are happy it has proven you have given up and you have lost. When you are having bad dreams you are still fighting and you are pursuing the future. Dreams are a physiological time clock of your life. Relative to Corm McCarthy, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the theme of dreams vs.. Laity In his books. It Is most prominent In the book “The Great Gatsby”. In this book Jay Gatsby pursues his dreams to be In a relationship Daisy Buchanan. In this quest he overcomes and succumbed to many obstacles.

His main obstacle was winning Daisy back and living the perfect life just as he dreamt. Gatsby needed to face reality and realize that he can not reverse time. Nor can he instantly make his dreams true. Reality was that Gatsby was too late, Daisy had fallen in love with Tom Buchanan and Gatsby love would not be enough to split there relationship. Case, his dreams overcame him. He dreamt of Daisy and their perfect future, he dad this his goal and only goal.

He started evolving his entire life around it by buying a huge mansion across the bay from the Buchannan and throwing huge parties on the weekends. The line between reality and dreams was blurred and Gatsby started to mistake his dreams for reality. Once his dreams were crushed his reality was crushed and Gatsby emotion caught up to him and inevitably led to disaster. Both Corm McCarthy and F. Scott Fitzgerald use the the theme dreams vs. reality. Regardless, they both have there differences, they are still very similar. Both books can teach one some very crucial and important lessons in life.

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