What is the American Dream? There are a myriad of facets to it. but one general thought: the ideal life. It is doing a batch of money. being respected. and prevailing hard state of affairss. In the book Of Mice and Men. written by John Steinbeck. Lennie and George’s dream is to populate on a spread of their ain. But through these hard times will their difficult work pay off? In his novel. Of Mice and Men. John Steinbeck high spots Lennie.

Crooks and Carlyss married woman to show that many prosecute the American Dream. but merely a few win. Through out the fresh Lennie had many small dreams. Their perfect universe is one of independency. Workers like Lennie and George have no household. no place. and really small control over their lives ; they merely have what they carry. This gives them motive to work and do money to travel towards their dream.

What Is Crooks Dream In Of Mice And Men

“‘Well. ’ said George. ‘we’ll have a large vegetable spot and a coney hutch and poulets. And when it rains in the winter. we’ll merely state the snake pit with goin’ to work. and we’ll build up a fire in the range and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof…’” ( Steinbeck 14 ) . Lennie has a dream before he even reaches the new spread. he wants to be given the coneies “an’ live of the fatta the lan’” ( Steinbeck 14 ) . He wants to be able to make what he loves to make.

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Will Lennie finish his dream? In the novel Of Mice and Men. Crooks similar to Lennie has many dreams. Crooks is really separated from the other work forces because of his race ; they don’t converse or spend clip with one and other. He feels really entirely. he one time said. ” ‘Cause I’m black. They play cards in at that place. but I can’t drama because I’m black. They say I stink. Well. I tell you. all of you stink to me. ” ( Steinbeck 68 ) .

Crooks dream is to be accepted and equal with the other work forces on the spread. Merely because he is merely one of the black work forces in town he believes he should be treated the same manner. he should be playing cards and traveling out with them. Crooks besides wants to fall in Lennie and Candy in their dream at the new spread. “…If you…guys would desire a manus to work for nothing-just his support. why I’d semen and impart a hand…” ( Steinbeck 76 ) . Crooks wanted to fall in them so he wouldn’t be entirely. Will he of all time be accepted and carry through his dream? Curley’s married woman has a dream that although different in item from the other’s dreams. is still really similar in its general desires. Curley’s married woman is really unsated by Curly ; she systematically hangs around the barn. seeking to prosecute in other workers conversations. She wants company ; she is so incapacitated she will speak to the work forces on the spread that doesn’t like her. She besides has a dream like the other work forces on the spread ; she wanted to be an actress in Hollywood.

She imagines how great it would be to remain in nice hotels. ain tonss of beautiful apparels. and have people want to take her exposure ( Steinbeck 89 ) . Both attending and fiscal security would hold been hers. Like the work forces she desires friendly relationship. and besides material amenitiess. though the particulars of her dream differ from theirs. Will she of all time achieve her dream? Many pursue the American Dream. but merely a few win. In this novel. Of Mice and Men. John Steinbeck created many dreams for Lennie. Crooks. and Curley’s married woman but none of them win. Lennie died he was shot by George. criminals bfjdlsfs. and Lennie killed Curley’s married woman. Thought out the narrative these characters saw hope and they tried to catch it but they were non successful. Everyone dreams of the American Dream.

Plants Cited:Steinbeck. John. Of Mice and Men. New York: Penguin Group. 1937

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