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Document Analysis Essay

Essay Topic:

This document will seek to analyze the city of Boston in the early 1770's to explore the causes of extreme violent and rebellious actions of the American colonists to the British. It will also briefly discuss the life of Benjamin Franklin a great scientist politician and philosopher.
The visual image I chose for my analysis (The Boston Massacre) by Paul Revere shows the Bostonians rebelling against the Red Coats of Great Britain. The Boston Massacre was the result of a long disputed argument between the settlers and Great Britain on whether or not British troops should remain stationed in America. On the evening of March 5, 1770, a group which gathered at the Customs House began insulting a guard calling him various names, afterwards a captain and seven guards came to his aid only to also be insulted and showered with snowballs and stones. Out of fear the soldiers began to discharge their weapons wounding six and killing five. After fleeing to their barracks they were hunted down by hundreds of Boston citizens wanting revenge. In response to the Boston Massacre Thomas Hutchinson gave the order for all British troops to leave Boston.
The Boston Massacre is a significant piece of US history because it re-established the fact that the American ties with Britain were no longer existent, which is self-evident in the painting itself. The Boston Massacre raises two perspectives, the British belief that what the soldiers did was an honest individual mistake and that they should be forgiven, and the American belief that what the soldiers did was a deliberate action representative of the country of Great Britain. Paul Revere Painted the Boston Massacre from an American perspective. It almost looks as if the British troops killed the settlers out of brutality rather than fear, which supports the fact that Paul Revere had the same beliefs as the American colonists.

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