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Divergent Setting “The building that was once called the Sears Tower -we call it the Hub- emerges from the fog, a black pillar in the skyline. ” This quote suggests that the fictional novel, Divergent, takes place in a futuristic society of what was previously known as the city of Chicago, Illinois. This city is fenced off from the outside world. The “Hub”, known previously as the Sears or Willis Tower, is the city’s tallest and most important building. It is where the Choosing Ceremony, the ceremony in which sixteen year-olds hose what faction they want to belong to for the rest of their lives, takes place.

Beatrice Prior in Divergent

A faction is a large clique of people who value the things and have the same goals. There are five factions that make up the disappoint society: Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Amity, and Erudite. The main character, Beatrice Prior, also known as “Tries”, transfers from the Abnegation Faction to the Dauntless Faction.

By transferring to Dauntless, Tries becomes an initiate, a young person training to become a member of that faction, and moves to the Dauntless Headquarters, an area far from town where al the members and initiates of Dauntless live.

Tries entered the headquarters by jumping off a skyscraper through a hole with a net at the bottom. When lying on the net, you can see the walls of the seven story building which are made of stone. The Pit, the heart of the Dauntless Headquarters, Is a huge underground cavern which consists of a deep pit and a glass roof.

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Narrow pathways and steps are carved Into the stone walls with no railings to prevent people from falling over the edge. Inside the Pit, there are places such as the dining hall, the training room, the tattoo parlor, ND the dormitory.

On the right side of the Pit lies the Chasm, a deadly river with an iron railing that surrounds It. A glass building Is located above the Chasm and the Pit. Located on its eighth floor, the Dauntless Control Room Is where the Dauntless monitor Its members and what Is going on In the Dauntless Headquarters. Just beyond the glass building lays the Fear Landscape which where the final stage of initiation takes place and where the Dauntless discover their fears. Divergent leads us on an adventure In a futuristic disappoint version of the world we currently live in.

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