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This sample essay on Divergent Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.

Your determination in life all comes down to you and the way you choose. but merely one pick can transform you. Veronica Roth created a unusual dystopian universe that morally depends on the picks people make in life. because their picks define who they are as people. Her futuristic universe is divided into five cabals that each represents something different ; Abnegation ( the selfless ) .

Candor ( the honest ) . Erudite ( the intelligent ) . Amity ( the peaceful ) and Dauntless ( the brave ) . These five cabals were made up to forestall war and convey peace to the universe and when they turn 16 they get the opportunity to take to go forth their household. to reassign into a new cabal or remain with them. but the pick all came down to them. Thesis: In the fresh Divergent Veronica Roth examines how the subject of pick leads to bravery.

treachery. and greed.

Body Paragraph 1: Topic sentence

First the subject of pick leads to bravery. because of Tris selfish pick to go forth abnegation and travel into dauntless. Point: Tris courage in going a portion of the dauntless is a foil to her ain character. because Tris is a individual of action. who has bravery and is courageous. but Beatrice. is the complete antonym. If Tris ne’er made the pick to go forth her cabal. she would hold ne’er learned to be brave adequate to get the better of her frights and bend from the underdog into a hero.

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Bravery is represented in this book as being selfish and foolish. because the characters of the audacious construct of courage is moving in pathetic life endangering state of affairss to turn out who is most make bolding to take part. However. courage is genuinely presented as Tris goes through induction. Not merely has her pick to reassign into a different cabal show her courage but it besides brought out her interior abnegation and taught her how to be altruistic as good: “I believe in ordinary Acts of the Apostless of courage. in the bravery that drives one individual to stand up for another. ” ( Roth 207 ) Analysis:

The significance of this quotation mark is to demo how Tris resembles bravery itself. Tris showed people that courage is non merely about being strong and committing Acts of the Apostless of pitilessness ; it is about standing up for what you believe is right and being the large individual in a state of affairs when no 1 else is. Her pick to be courageous and stand up for other people is what made her the hero in the terminal. Through courage Tris was able to impart other traits in her from other cabals and make a new her. Because of her willingness to be courageous she was able to alter herself and the manner she thought. She was no longer the old Beatrice of abnegation. She turned in to the brave. brave. strong. smart and altruistic Tris of the dauntless. Any obstruction that came in her manner she was able to get the better of it and crush it and because of the 1 pick she made to make up one’s mind to be brave. it made all the difference. Point 2:

In add-on to the above. Tris is a foil to her ain character because if she had ne’er joined the dauntless. she would hold ne’er been able to be on her manner to salvaging the universe: “I feel like person breathed new air in my lungs. I am non abnegation. I am non audacious. I am Divergent. And I can’t be controlled. ( Roth 442 ) Analysis:

The significance of this quotation mark is that it shows how much Tris character changed from when she was in Abnegation to now. Bing a portion of the dauntless gave Tris the strength. the courage. and the finding to acquire out at that place in the thick of it all as the universe is crumpling to stand up for her ain sort. If she ne’er made the pick to alter cabals. she would hold ne’er had the opportunity to wholly happen herself and who she genuinely is. do the friends she did. and larn how to confront her frights. Decision:

In decision Tris courage and strength
Therefore Victoria Roth shows that through pick leads bravery. because courage isn’t merely something that happens on its ain. It is the pick and the act of courage that merely you can make up one’s mind to perpetrate to and play a factor on your life. Body Paragraph:

Topic sentence: Second the subject of pick leads to betrayal because of
Tris and her brother. Caleb. pick to go forth their household Point:
Tris and Caleb’s treachery is an illustration of poignancy. Before Tris and Caleb are chosen to travel up and make up one’s mind on whether they will remain with their old cabal or go forth. their parents travel to compliment them: “ My male parent kisses me on the caput and bang Caleb on the shoulder smile. See you shortly. he says. Without a hint of doubt” ( Roth 40-41 ) Analysis:

The significance of this quotation mark is that it shows how much injury and treachery they cause their male parent. particularly. at the clip. The one value that is most of import about being a portion of abnegation is non being selfish and to believe about others. In this instance Beatrice and Caleb’s pick to go forth their household behind was non an act of selfishness. because they merely considered themselves and non how their parents would experience. Thinking that his childs would take to come place and remain with him and their female parent. the male parent made a remark about how he would see them shortly before the choosing ceremonial started merely to cognize proceedingss subsequently that neither of his childs is coming home. and one of his childs ( Caleb ) are traveling place with the enemy- the erudite. The one pick they made that they thought would profit them more in life ended up taking to their dishonor and treachery of non merely their household but their ex- cabal. Point 2:

Another act of treachery was when one of Tris friends. Al. about killed her out of green-eyed monster. and insecurity. Al was supposed to be person Tris thought she could depend on to maintain her safe. trust. and guarantee her that everything would be “okay” when the adversary of the narrative and his crew would pick on her ; but in the terminal he betrays her: “The soap odor is familiar. Lemon grass and sage. The same odor around Al’s bunk. A weight bead in my stomach…” “I suggest you rely on your transportation friends to protect you from now on. ” he says “I idea I was… I feel Al’s custodies against my oral cavity. and a shortness of breath jars my organic structure forward…” “He wanted you to be the little quiet miss from Abnegation… He hurt you because your strength made him experience hebdomad. No other reason” ( Roth 278. 295 ) Analysis:

The significance of this quotation mark is that it shows you how one minute you can swear person and the following they can easy do the pick to betray and injury you. Veronica Roth creates poignancy for Tris. because Tris knows that she can no longer swear Al once more even though they were such good friends. Al’s one pick non merely ache Tris but it besides ruined their friendly relationship. and this is one of the ways Veronica Roth shows how your one pick can specify who you are as a individual. Tris’ strength and ability was what caused Al to be covetous and in the terminal his jealousy cost him.

Therefore. Veronica Roth created a sense of treachery through the subject of pick. because it is another manner of her demoing how a specific pick can non merely impact you but the other people around you.

Body Paragraph 3:
Topic Sentence:
The subject of pick leads to war as the leader of the Erudite chooses to get down a war over her ain selfish ground. The cabals were divided into five to forestall war and devastation from happening in the universe ; but because the people of abnegation are divergent she chooses to take away many people physical and mental control to get down a war and take them down: The subject of pick leads to greed because those who have power live in fright of fring it.

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Divergent by Veronica Roth Book Analysis
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