Discontent Is The Seed Of Change

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Fatty Discontent is the first necessity of progress. Its often from a sense of discontent, feelings of incompleteness, or even a twinge of true unhappiness that the seeds of great accomplishment are sown After studying the case of Jerry Sanders emerging as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his times, one can easily figure out what It takes to go through all the up and downs and be an extraordinary one.

Essay Example on Disconfirmation Of Expectations

From the skills of negotiation, decision making and risk taking to self-confidence, selflessness and contentment, we can see how efficiently he has utilized them over time.

In my opinion each one of the above mentioned qualities are very much important for someone to get the best out of something but in case of Jerry Sanders it was The discontentment that he had and that made him so deferent and sophisticated that he never stopped taking risks and making decisions. He has been listened many times saying the fight sentient over.

Discontentment or dissatisfaction is what keeps you going on setting a goal, achieve it and move on to the next one, bigger and better. Jerry Sanders had some excellent capabilities, some of which were innate expressed in his personality and some of them were developed through a course of time, Like It has been mentioned that sometimes you have to adopt new attributes and then act as a chameleon to be able to adjust In a new environment. Even though he got what he wanted but still there was a constant urge of doing something better.

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Referring to case study we can see that he spent some of his time with the Shaw Group to help hem achieve a milestone. Though they had quite a profitable business but it was Jerry who wanted to take all those lessons that he learnt there and make his next move not in the same field but in another one. He also took help from his skills like making connections and expanding his social circle to add more people in his life that would channel him to a better spot. His meeting with Simulative is one of the examples.

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Discontent Is The Seed Of Change
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