Attachment Report: Kenya Seed Company Limited Essay

Topics: Economics

As per the demand of the Bachelor in commercialism and economic sciences class construction. I was obliged to set about an industrial fond regard at an organisation of my pick for a period of eight hebdomads. This exercising was meant to enable me glamatise with work environment. exercising accomplishments and cognition acquired in university and derive more competency in my country of specialisation. The application procedure begun every bit early as 3rd twelvemonth 2nd semester and I must state it was non an easy undertaking because I can’t number the figure of application I made through both letters and e-mail True to state.

chances as it has been penned down knocks 1s at every adult males door or a woman’s door if I am allowed to appreciate gender para. If non so they come 1s in a bluish Moon and as person with superior heads has advised. in order for one to get this rare ‘commodity’ he/she has to maintain jumping and if any comes across in the procedure of leaping appreciation it and capitalise on it.

I would associate these wise words to be me being accorded an chance to work and exert the accomplishments and cognition that I have acquired through the old ages I have been set abouting my under-graduate grade programme at the Institution of Global excellence in Training. invention and development ( JKUAT ) . As explicitly indicated in the screen page this rare chance was accorded to me by the Trans-National Bank Management. I began my industrial fond regard on 13th of June 2011 to 26th of August 2011.

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This translates to around 10 hebdomads.

The first twenty-four hours fundamentally involved an orientation programme where I was taken through the assorted sections in the bank and introduced to the staff members. The sections that I was taken through were client attention. glade section. hard currency section. selling section and recognition section where I worked under the supervising of the subdivision director Jacinta Ndolo and school based supervisor Dr. Margret Oloko. I must state that it was an exciting chance working in an organisation which forms portion of the pillars of the economic system. In one manner or another I knew I would widen my services in economic edifice while at that place. These may likely be evidenced in the responsibilities that I will execute.

2. 0 Aims of the fond regard
The chief aims of the fond regard were as follows
* Impact and let the learner/ pupil glamatise with the work environment through partaking accorded functions and responsibilities in the organisation. This forms a good footing for their future arrangement in the work industry.

* It acts as a step where pupil or an single can associate what has learnt and what is on the land hence going a gage for his/her hereafter success in the chosen field specialisation * Beside what is learnt in the university. the pupil gets an chance to get more accomplishments and knowledge * Gives an chance for an person or the pupil practically exercise the theoretical portion learnt in school or at the university. * Attachment is like a gait compositor for an persons or the pupil future work. That is the pupil knows where to place him-self or her-self in the market. * It besides forms a good footing for the organisation employee out-sourcing procedures because from the housemans they are able identify possible hereafter employees for the organisation. * Instill bravery and sense of duty in the pupils even as they purpose to seek occupation chances in future

3. 0 Mainframe of the study:
3. 1 General description of the organisation and the sections where attached. 3. 1. 2 Brief History of the organisation and its function

Trans-national Bank ever abbreviated as TNB is a private company which came into being in 1985 as a SACCO. In the late 80s it was to the full chattered as a private bank that would supply both personal banking services and cooperate banking services in the democracy of Kenya. It has first-class merchandises for little history holders and offers congestion –free banking. advanced and antiphonal merchandises and services. low-cost bank charges and velocity in determination devising are its strong point over competition. 3. 1. 3 Physical Address of the Organization.

Trans-National Bank ( Kirinyaga Road Branch. P. o Box 69963-00400 TOM MBOYA NAIROBI. KENYA: TEL224235/6. 252188-90 Electronic mail: [ electronic mail protected ]
3. 1. 4 Vision and Mission of the Bank
The organisation is driven by a figure of factors which include their vision and mission. These impulsive forces are as out-lined below: Vision: To be the regional fiscal service supplier of pick MISSION: Provision of convenient fiscal services and solutions to clients through high criterions of service while increasing interest holders’ value.

3. 1. 5 The Core Values of the Organization
Team work
Good cooperate administration and societal duty.
3. 1. 6 The function of the organisation
The chief and core function of the organisation is merely proviso of banking services in the republic plus piquant corporate societal duties 3. 1. 7 Expectation of the Organization.

The bank programs to win a big personal banking patronage over the coming old ages and go on to spread out and distribute its wings across all the corners of the state. The bank besides expects that its net net income is traveling to continually lift twelvemonth in twelvemonth out. Beside this it besides expects that its selling squad will continually seek to come up with seamster made merchandises for its clients

3. 1. 8 Structure and Management of the organisation

Like any other organisation it has a construction of direction composed of the Directors. main Executive officer ( C. E. O ) . Audit commission. Credit commission. scheme commission. hazard commission. Assetss and liability direction commission. Human resource commission. secretaries. Registered Office. Hearers. Advocates. directors. operations officers and staff members. The above can be summarized by the tabular array below:

The Board of managers

Chief Executive Officer

Audit commission

Credit commission

Strategy commission Risk commission Assets & A ; Liability commission Human resource commission

Secretaries Registered office Hearers Advocates

Operationss Military officers IT commission Tellers & A ; tellers other staff members

3. 1. 9 The Organizations Branchs
The caput office is in Nairobi ( Trans-National Plaza ) metropolis hall manner. The company boasts of several subdivisions across the state runing from Nairobi Branch ( metropolis hall manner )
JKIA subdivision
Kirinyaga Road Branch
EPZ ( Export Processing Zone )
Mombasa Branch
Mombasa International Airport Branch
Eldoret Branch
Nandi Hills Branch
Kericho Branch
Nakuru Branch
Kabarak Branch
Olenguruone Branch
Kabarnet Branch.
Sheik Karume subdivision among others

3. 2. 0 The Services and Products being offered at the Bank
The Bank offers a assortment of services and merchandises runing from Current histories
Rescuers Histories
Transaction Account.
Mshahara Account ( Salaried persons )
Mrembo Acount ( Ladies Account )
Msomi Account ( Students Account )
Angels Account ( Children’s Acount )
Investing History.
Hazina Account ( Self Employed Individuals )
Mint Account.
Fixed Deposits
SWIFT Remmitances
Standing Instruction manuals.
Air Time Top Up
SMS Banking e. t. degree Celsius.

4. 0 Departments at the organisation.
The chief sections found at the station where I was attached and I happened to track across were as follows. * The client attention Service
* The selling section
* The glade section
* The hard currency Department
* The recognition section
5. 0 General activities Undertaken in the Organization
Filing of history gap signifiers for clients
Filing of RTGS ( Real Time Gross Settlement Forms ) and their verification Memos Filing of TTS ( Telegraphic Transfers Forms )
Filing of uncluttering paperss. check book petition signifiers. disbursals receipts e. t. c Issuing of check books and entering them
Photocopying and printing
Turning on and off the systems. puting them up and general updating of the software’s. Documents and packages bringing between the subdivision and chief Head Living quarterss at the Central Business District ( C. B. D ) Stock taking ( That includes poster of all standard stock i. vitamin E letter paper in the system ) Helping clients make full the BRITACK ( British American ) I. P. O ( Initial Public Offer ) signifiers.

6. 0 Specific activities undertaken during the fond regard
The nucleus activities were undertaken at departmental degree during the period of fond regard and they are as stipulated below. 6. 1 The client attention service Department
Attending to general inquires from clients/customers.
Availing history balances and statements of histories to clients Helping new clients unfastened new histories.
Shutting of in-active histories.
Triping of de-activated histories upon clients request.
Updating clients histories.
The Marketing Department.
Marketing the organisations merchandises and services within the subdivision country and Nairobi environments in general Visiting both present and possible clients at their concern premises to happen out their advancement. challenges confronting them. seeking their sentiment on the degree of satisfaction and possible betterments on our merchandises and services. Fixing call studies after every selling excursion.

Telephone calls to unapproachable clients during call visits for updates or follow up exercising. Attending selling meetings with the selling directors.
Supplying a readily available. service-focused. knowing and experient point of contact for new clients. Cross-selling the bank’s merchandises efficaciously.
Identifying client demands efficaciously and unfastened new histories consequently.
Pull offing the client portfolio which comprises of high net worth local investors ; Updating and continually keeping KYC ( Know Your client ) on all clients held in our portfolio. including up to day of the month information on clients’ fiscal background. Identifying market for the organisation

6. 2 The glade Department
Receiving and confirmation of checks
Recording of unpaid checks
Publishing and recording of bankers checks
Runing the checks through Checkpoint Truncation System ( CTS ) . This involves capturing the images of all checks through a scanner. undertaking sum entry. confirmation and bring forthing their committee. Posting of checks in
OMNI ( Omni is web that allow poster of checks online so that several receivers can entree them wherever they are. Undertaking TR ( transportation ) this is done for inward checks and is merely reassigning the money from shortss account to the payee history and the same applied to KRA ( Kenya Revenue Authority ) revenue enhancement remittal by clients. Recording of received check books. issued 1s and equilibrating the books on day-to-day footing. Screening checks in order of bank codifications and sums in readying for cross checking with the Outward Clearing Report ( OWCLG ) .

6. 3 The Cash Department
* Forming Cashier’s cell. casts in preparedness of the twenty-four hours. * Acquiring controlled balanced hard currency at the start of the twenty-four hours. * Size uping hard currency backdown checks and faux pass for rightness before accepting them. * Size uping cash/cheque sedimentation wage in faux pass for rightness of proficient inside informations before having. * Forex minutess i. e. purchasing and merchandising of foreign echange * Verifying customer’s signature.

* Paying hard currency within the bound and mentioning checks for bound mandate. * Posting of hard currency sedimentations. backdowns and Cheques for local glade. * Issuing of Banker’s checks.
* Sorting of dirty notes.
* Assisting in hard currency verification ready for sealing and lodgement. * Making mentions to the operations manual to guarantee conformity. * Reconciliation of histories as assigned by the subdivision Manager * Any other back office work assigned by the subdivision director.

6. 4 The recognition Department
The recognition section fundamentally deals with commissariats of loans and plus funding to the clients. The nucleus activities involved ; Receiving loan application forms/documents from appliers.
Analyzing. scrutinizing and measuring their loan paperss which include their securities. Undertaking history statistics which included analysing applicant’s dealing turnover. committees. involvement and leger fees. Making call visits to appliers concern premises to determine the
following facts as portion of loan loaning procedure ; The location of the concern and their offices

The type of concern one is runing i. e. company. partnership. sole- proprietary e. t. c The description of goods and services being offered by the concern e. g. Hard-ware. letter paper. Hotel. e. t. c. The major providers and clients of the loan applier

Whether they do any importing or exportation
The manner of payment to providers i. e. through hard currency. checks. TTs ( Telegraphic Transfers ) or RTGS ( Real Time Gross colony ) . Their new investing program i. e. new merchandises. fixed plus acquisition. . how long they have been in concern. the outlook from the investing and if they have had any alterations since their constitution. The cardinal direction figure of employees and their making. After all this exercising I was expected make an appraisal study for the applier in concurrence with other members in the recognition section. This would so be passed to director for blessing before being forwarded Head office. 7. 0 A profile of accomplishments and competences gained

I must admit that during this period legion accomplishments and impartment was gained and they are as outlined below: Further improved my communicating accomplishments as being most of import accomplishment through interacting with clients through selling exercising. client service section and general communicating to clients in the sections that I worked Handling of majority hard currency including confirmation. screening. sealing e. t. c Never new much about loan processs but got an chance to cognize them as has been stipulated under the activities under-taken in the recognition section. Writing of bankers checks was a cardinal accomplishment gained. Never in my life had I written one. More to it I learnt that bankers’ checks permit no change of any magnitude because if it goes with change opportunities are high that it will resile. Preparation of call studies and assessments for loan appliers and new clients was besides a cardinal thing that I learned. How to place original and bogus hard currency by detecting certain characteristics through a particular hard currency scanner.

8. 0 Activities which I applied my accomplishments for the benefit of the organisation.
Bing through a acquisition and instruction system. I came to hold that it is an indispensable and critical instrument in an single life and as many establishments would give voice their slogans and vision. true to state instruction is cardinal. visible radiation or avenue to many things in an individual’s life. Therefore to me the accomplishments I have acquired in establishments of larning enabled me serve the organisation in the undermentioned ways My communicating accomplishments enabled me to owe a figure of new clients to the organisation during the selling fling and piece at client service. The computing machine skills that I gained earlier in my life besides enabled me work out a few computing machine mistakes and package enlistments at the organisation. The bravery I have accrued by encompassing leading places enabled me interact with clients of all personalities. Through entrepreneurial cognition gained in university I was able to do important and huge part during selling and other staff meetings for subdivision rating and turn toing pressing issues.

9. 0 Strategy for use of the contacts established during attachment Serving at the subdivision as an houseman enabled me to spread out my public relation district by a important per centum. I have brushed shoulders with people of divergent personalities and caliber both during office work and during selling Sessionss and name visits. This exposed me to the market and therefore I believe was able to place myself good in the occupation market. Therefore the contacts. I believe will give me an border both now and in future as I seek personal and social constitution. The political orientations besides gained through contacts will be used in constructive mode through the day-to-day processes that I will be undertaking or prosecuting myself in. 10. 0 Challenges of internship.

Geting the fond regard in the first topographic point was a major hurdle that was hard to leap across. Many application were made but about 90 % were about unfruitful Expenses incurred in the whole procedure of fond regard runing from application to existent on the job period were really high. That included the travel cost. adjustment among others proved rather disputing Uncooperative clients. Some clients at work topographic point would neglect to follow stipulated bank processs and one had to be patient plenty in directing and reminding them what they are supposed to make. Covering with
dead-lines. At times covering with date-lines proved desiring because of majority of work. clip given to carry through it and the labour force available to carry through Work overload. Sometimes work was so much more particularly during end-months where organisations are paying wages to their workers and revenue enhancement remittal by the organisations

11. 0 Suggested solutions to the above challenges
The University should bit in by interceding with assorted organisations to help pupils acquire attachment. Availing of any attachment information at their disposal e. g it came to my notice that some organisation needs a prior of like three months before the existent day of the month of attachment beginning. Provision of allowances: The organisations should see supplying some allowances to housemans for their upkeep during the attachment period and besides act as beginning of motive. Civic instruction on clients on organisations regulations and etiquette. The organisations should form forums where clients can be taught operational etiquette. regulations. footings and conditions of operations Provide sensible date-lines. This should set into consideration the sum of work to be done and available clip and besides the figure of workers Increase the staff members: This would counter the job work load and crushing date-line

12. 0 Analysis. observation and reviews
12. 1Analysis and observation
It was conspicuously observed that there was a important relationship between what is learned in the university or in the school and what is practiced or exercised in the industry. A few of the things I have learnt and were being used in the industry included the Amortization agendas constructs. cut downing balances constructs. rapprochement constructs. market cleavage constructs. partnership. competitory pricing. required betterment on bing Bankss merchandises and new 1s. schemes on bettering the companies corporate trade name scheme province of gross revenues squad and possible betterments. staffing systems e. g adequateness of staff members and accomplishments responsive to concern growing. attempts to heighten public presentation of staff. attempts to make a contributing and professional environment that embeds bank values. attempts to heighten operational efficiency and effectivity in
client service bringing and alternate bringing channels. If one keenly cuts across this we can reason that quite a figure of these things we have learnt in the units that we have covered so far runing from accounting. finance. selling. Human Resource Management among other units. Therefore if about analyzed I can reason that 80 % of what did was related to what I learnt in the university. 12. 2 Reviews

Poor communicating and feedback system. I would state that there were frequent interrupt down in communicating system at topographic point of fond regard due to hapless web or unstable web in the system that was being used to relay clients information. This created a batch of inconviencies both to clients and workers who had to work overtime because of such failures Under-staffing: Serving clients adequately and completing work on clip was a job because of less labour force at the steadfast Lack of motive to the staff: if one compares the staff re-numeration with the sum work done. it was non truly actuating. Workers besides worked over-time every bit tardily as 9pm but with no excess clip allowance which was a truly de-motivating experience. Lack of privateness i. e absence of closed door office. The back door offices were unfastened that is the window window glasss were trans-parent leting clients see all the dealing under-taken at that place hence presenting a security menace to the organisation which chiefly deals with fundss.

13. 0 Recommendation
Interns who have successfully completed their fond regard and have proved their worth in their country of specialisation should be absorbed back in the organisation. This would help the organisation in cutting cost on preparation. orientation of new employees’ e. t. hundred Increase the staff. The staff Numberss should be increased in the organisation to ease betterment in service bringing hence net income realisation. Aggressive selling. The organisation needs still to make a batch in footings of marketing itself and its merchandises in the democracy if it needs to proof its worth in the market. Motivation should be embraced. The employees at that place need a batch of motive if the organisation is to up its public presentation in the banking industry Quick service bringing to clients should be looked into consideration and this would be solved by staff increase and betterment in the communicating net-work at the
organisation. 14. 0 Drumhead and decisions.

I must admit that traveling for an fond regard was one the most interesting and capturing things in my life. One of the most valuable lessons learnt from the internship is that it is of the kernel that one enjoys their occupation. It is impossible that a individual should travel through so many old ages of schooling merely to stop up pouting each and every twenty-four hours of their work – such people were met during the fond regard ; it is non a desirable province to be in. In most of the instances. the internship served to learn more of what non to make instead than what to make. It clearly brought out the importance of incorporating one’s personality and involvements with their business. although this may non be easy in the visible radiation of the extremely competitory occupation market in today’s universe. However. it should be noted that basking one’s occupation does non needfully connote that one has the ideal occupation they have ever envisioned since this may be based on conjectural beliefs and outlooks ; instead. it implies happening that occupation that brings the best out of one’s personality ; that business that will convey fulfillment and satisfaction and that will take to a flawlessness of the human individual. In add-on to the above. it can be concluded that flexibleness in footings of calling pick is necessary. It is non guaranteed that one will needfully stop up working in the specific field of survey that they have undertaken in their undergraduate plan ; after all. occupation kineticss are better learnt on the occupation itself than in category. It is hence of import that one is unfastened to any feasible chances that may show themselves. other than the ideal occupation that may hold been envisaged. provided they bring the best out of one’s capablenesss.

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