Dino Conti Ice Cream Investment Plan

Odin Contain Ice Cream Introduction Doll Contain Is a manufacturer and distributor of Ice cream In California. Its most famous product Is its chocolate Ice cream. Now, Odin Coition’s profits are falling because of its prices, products, equipment, environment and outlets. Objectives To solve the company’s problems and to continue to become international business, we propose an investment of $3 million .

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Options and Benefits The Board of Directors has agreed the following investment plan.

Upgrade its equipments to improve its quality of products. Add more outlets to make its products recognized easily in the market to increase the sales. Improve product’s packaging to interested the customers. Make the company more green. Cost upgrade equipment Add more outlets $1 ,million $500,000 Improve products packaging $500,000

Make the company more green $800 Schedule upgrade equipment: Start on January and completed at May. Add more outlets: Begin at May and finish on middle of August. Improve product packaging: Begins development In April Make the company more green: The campaign will be start at the end of the year through online until March next year.

Summary A presentation to the board on June 9th. Can managers will always control tense projects

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Dino Conti Ice Cream Investment Plan
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