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Business! For Everyone! Creamline’s ice cream products are indeed delicious, but you won’t find them in your favorite supermarket. This is because Creamline’s primary distribution system is the network of sari-sari stores scattered all over the country, says Martinez. As its contribution to nation-building, says Madrid, Creamline has come up the Instant Negosyo concept. For a small amount of money, a sari-sari store owner can be a retailer of Creamline products.

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All he needs to do is purchase P3,000 worth of ice cream products and Creamline will provide him with a freezer on loan.

“No expense. The only expenditure is putting the product. The content is P3,000. Of course, you must have a store and good location. In a way, we are giving jobs to everyone,” says Madrid. This is a good business opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs as well as overseas contract workers looking to start a small enterprise when they get home.

For those with bigger capital to spare, Creamline also offers opportunities for dealers (who take care of the retailers’ requirements) and distributors (who take care of the dealers’ requirements). Creamline also offers franchises for those who wish to sell direct to consumers via scooping stations. These stations should ideally be located in such high traffic areas as schools, malls, and bus terminals. Leaving no stone unturned, the company also started sending out ambulant vendors in selected areas.

More popularly known as sorbeteros, these vendors sell Creamline’s Choco Bulilits, Cream Cones, Cream Bars, and other ice cream products.

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Not surprisingly, Creamline has done quite well. The company is now operating nationwide, reaching out of Metro Manila and into Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro, and garnering numerous fans along the way. If production is any indication, it would be good to note that the company has doubled its plant area since it opened its Pampanga anufacturing facility in 2004. In two years, says Martinez, Creamline plans to put up another manufacturing facility so that distribution will be even more efficient. In the future, Madrid says the company hopes to expand the business, penetrating new markets and developing new products while always giving value for money to their customers. If Creamline Dairy Corporation stays true to its core values of quality, affordability, accessibility, and consistency, then Madrid believes that it would be a truly creamy success.

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