Streets Ice Cream

According to Pinprick (2009: 1), a market is defined s “the collection of buyers and sellers that, through their actual or potential interactions, determine the price of a product or set of products”. Streets ice cream Is run and operated by Milliner Is becoming Australia’s biggest and best-known Ice cream manufacturer. It continued to grow and today Street is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with well known brands such as Magnum, Paddle Pop and Blue Ribbon. Like other brand in ice cream manufacturer, Streets not only need to understand their market well but also need to aware of their huge amount of competitors.

Streets directly competes with Peters and Bulla Ice cream. These manufacturers have salary prices and quality and quantity by offering large size pack and multiple flavors ice cream in supermarkets. Beside this, there are some more indirect competitors. New Zealand Natural which targeting on natural has higher prices. New Zealand Natural not only manufactures ice cream to supermarket but also open chain stores to attract customers in shopping center such as Northland, Westfield and Melbourne Central to promote sales.

Compare with other companies In Ice cream manufacturers, Streets has more strengths.

Be a part of Milliner is the biggest advantage for Streets because of its experience during 80 years operated in this particular manufacturer. Beside this, Streets Company also has some Weaknesses. For install, obesity is an growing problem in society and ice cream contains high fat. Therefore, it’s a bit hard for them if they want to Increase their profit rapidly.

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However, there are also some Opportunities for Streets Company. As Individuals are concerned obesity seriously, streets can try to target on green, healthy and low fat products. Beside this, obesity not only causes the attention of customer but also other Streets’ competitors.

Streets Low Calorie Ice Cream

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