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Marketing Essay Example Paper

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Marketing is the process of anticipating a consumer need and then making or offering a product which satisfies the customer and also feedback is important to improve the product. Therefore, it is communicating the value of a product or service to the final customer. It involves the 4 P’s of marketing which are Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. While Fashion marketing is the profession that takes the latest trends and designs in clothing and communicates them to a target market in such a way that the consumer is not only aware of the product, but wants to and ultimately does buy the product.

It is the process of analysing, developing and marketing current fashion trends and determining and segmenting the customers. The goal of fashion marketing is to move clothing out of designer’s showrooms and into customer closets. Fashion marketing has increased competition as fashion gains exposure and has wider appeals. In this marketing, the fashion comes and goes according to the trends and the season. In fashion marketing, the customer’s needs depend upon the lifestyle of a person, for example a 22 year married girl will have different needs from a 22 year college going girl.

In these types of market demand of product arises frequently and it get fulfilled very quickly. While in normal marketing the competition factor is less as there are no new innovations frequently because people prefer the same product more which they are using on regular basis. Fashion marketing involves a limited range of products such as apparels, accessories etc. whereas marketing is a wider concept and it involves a huge range of product such as FMCG products, automobile products etc.

What’s Fashion Marketing

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Fashion marketing targets a set of customers, who they think would be there potential customers and they communicate their product only to that target customers while in marketing the target audience is huge. In Fashion marketing there are no government interference i. e. there are no taxes levied on fashion products while in normal marketing there are taxes that are levied on the products ( like the price of a product is including all the taxes). Marketers in the fashion industry have to keep constantly analysing new trends and see if what they are doing is working or not.

Then if it is not, they need to make the necessary adjustments in order to have success for themselves and the company that they represent. They are directly engaged with all of the aspects of advertising and promotion when it comes to their products. There is not much difference between fashion marketing and marketing but there are also things which are different in fashion marketing and marketing. Fashion marketing is a narrower term than marketing. Therefore, Fashion Marketing is an aspect of Marketing whereas marketing itself is a very wide concept.

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This paper example is written by Benjamin, a student from St. Ambrose University with a major in Management. All the content of this paper consists of his personal thoughts on Marketing Essay Example and his way of presenting arguments and should be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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