“A Christmas Carols” by Charles Dickens

It’s non merely about the manner that scrooge act as ungenerous and wretch. but it’s besides a opportunity of given to do niggard transformed to a generous and sort individual. Readers denied being ever hatred about niggard. This can be separate to both sides. First scene niggard did move as tight-fisted and cold-hearted to others. the manner his talk and act makes audience disgusted. But when looking back for his yesteryear. the reader understands he has a difficult childhood experience.

Unfortunately niggard was ever been forgotten. therefore the audience feels sorry for him. Oppositely. by giving a opportunity to Scrooge to salvation and transformed to a charitable and generous gentleman.

At the get downing the audience hated Scrooge. because of his cold-hearted and mean-spirited tightwad. “Oh! But he was tight-fisted adult male at the grindstone. Niggard! A squeeze. twisting. hold oning. envious old evildoer! Hard and crisp as flint. from which no steel had of all time struck out generous fire ; secret.

and self-contained. and lone as an oyster” he is really obstinate and doesn’t wanted to listen to his nephew Fred’s advice. and ne’er alter his head to accept other and besides to alter his ain destiny.

Besides he is selfishness about ignore those hapless people. “If they would instead decease. ” said niggard. “they had better make it. and diminish the excess population. ” Scrooge doesn’t attention about other people’s decease. and he’s greedy as snake pit non even pass money to observe Christmas clip.

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Besides he has a large house but inside the house is dark and cold. like his ain personality cold-heated and mean. But after phantom Teach him a lesson. so he get down to alter and becomes otherwise.

Scrooge learns the of import value about the household and relationship. Throughout the lesson that shade has been learning. eventually Scrooge understand the true significance of Christmas and do himself alter the behavior that he has got on the old Christmas twenty-four hours. Best illustration he should larn is Bob’s household. Bob is his day-to-day employee although his household is non rich plenty ( earn 20 shilling per hebdomad ) but they are much happier than Scrooge. Merely “small pudding” makes the whole household so happy to sit together and to hold a great dinner during the Christmas Eve. Skinny illness Tiny Tim sitting at table corner. his passionate of love “God bless us everyone” makes scrooge feel so warmth and touchful. When speaking about the relationship Fred is a good illustration to speak about. He is so warmth and keeps Christmas in his bosom every twelvemonth.

Every twelvemonth he invites a batch of friends and comparative to his house to observe Christmas. The relationship with each relation and friends all people comes together to observe on the Christmas. Fezziwig scrooge’s once employer makes himself believing back about old on the job clip. The manner fezziwig’s generous behavior besides influences Scrooge deeply. Learning Fezziwig maintaining Christmas every twelvemonth in his bosom and invite tonss of friend to hold dinner.

The relationship between employer and employee is non ungenerous with lone attentions about the money and work. Fezziwig allowing his employer to hold yearss off during the Christmas clip it makes sense the true significance of Christmas clip and relationship between others. Throughout phantom’s lesson Scrooge understand to hold a large house and earn batch of money for no usage this is a shame and no good. and to hold these money to donate and assist the hapless is the best pick for Scrooge.

Scrooge is redeems and larn to be liberally donate money to the hapless. Reader feels so excite about Scrooge alteration and assisting the society to increase the population. After he know that many hapless people like Tiny Tim is enduring and deceasing in the street. he couldn’t be so careless any longer. because this good decidedly act upon his hereafter or decease. He understand that if he maintain ignore those people and became so ungenerous so the effect that he would acquire is been loner everlastingly. and people would disrespect to him after him decease. Therefore he takes action about assisting Tiny Tim and besides donates a batch of money to those hapless people. Bach from Scrooge’s childhood clip it seems really hard.

The audience feel so regretful to Scrooge. because they know the long term consequence to makes Scrooge alterations to such a greedy and selfish individual. by the manner to give this chance to deliver and alter niggard. originate niggard to make those contribution and good thing would alter his ain destiny and do the audience start to wish him. Life is ever like that. frequently people learn for each of different age clip. and besides learns from those errors.

Scrooge did it! He transform to a generous. and charitable as everyone know! There are both manner. both good and bad. Scrooge diminishing his bad wont and action. therefore the audience really like the manner scrooge transform to a “second Christmas Father” . The manner he wake up becomes so happy and generously contribution. but besides at the start the readers did hatred about barbarous action and looking that niggard have.

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“A Christmas Carols” by Charles Dickens
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