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Everyday consumers are exposed to the Medals Ideology of what Is considered beautiful. In magazines we see attractive, happy people, with air-brushed perfect, flawless, bodies posing to sell a particular item or idea. Who is the media to say what constitutes as beauty and an attractive person? Why are certain attributes associated with attractiveness, beauty, likeability and social skills? We are force feed images and told what beauty Is and have thus formed our own ideas and opinions.

However, are those ideas and opinion really ours or were we constructed by media to think and feel a particular way without even realizing It?

It Is Important to examine messages rhetoric purpose and not be persuaded by the wrong messages. If not, consumers’ thoughts, actions, beliefs and feelings will be easily influenced. Absolute Vodka, a leading brand of premium vodka sold in 176 countries, constructed advertisements as part of its “In an Absolute World” 2007 campaign with images of situations that the target audience would think constitute a perfect or “Absolute” reality.

Absolute Vodka marketing (2011) stated the target market Is men and women ages 25-45 who want to succeed in their life both personally and professionally.

The brand equity is associated with fun, joy, self-esteem and social approval. In 2007, they crafted an advertisement called “the perfect man” which featured in Greek Ell magazine (admit, 2007). According to Ell magazine media kit (2014), the audience is women between the ages of 18-49.

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Their goal Is to inspire women In all aspects of their lives and encouraging readers to cultivate not Just personal style. But the success that comes with personal power. The advertisement. “a perfect man” is an image of a woman sitting on a rug, holding a manikin arm that has red flowers in its hand.

The woman has adorned herself in a red necklace, shoes, let, bracelet and is not wearing a wedding ring. There is a box next to her with the words, “The Perfect Man” written on the front. In the box are legs of the manikin wearing black dress pants and shoes. On the floor next to the woman Is a male head wearing glasses and showing white teeth. An arm of the mailman on the floor has a black tattoo and Is holding a guitar. The torso of the manikin Is hairless and has a SIX- pack. The woman is looking at a white piece of paper with a puzzled look on her face.

An important rhetorical scholar Cicero, divided rhetoric into five major categories called “canons of rhetoric” (Stoner & Perkins, 2005). These categories describe the elements of rhetoric and give gulled lines for patterns of discourse. One of those categories Is style. “Style Is developed through nonverbal devices as well as through language,” (Stoner & Perkins, 2005, p. 141 ‘The perfect man” advertisement uses nonverbal language to create a persuasive style using visual imagery and personification. Visual imagery creates the tone or feelings of the message and personification gives abstract or inanimate object human qualities or abilities” (Stoner & Perkins, 2005, p. 143).

The eyes of viewers are captivated when they see an Image of a women sitting on he mannequin parts are that of a man since the box has the words “the perfect man” written on the front in black and red ink. The advertisement illustrates the woman attempting to put together a self-explanatory mannequin with each body part being personified and representing a particular characteristic of the perfect man she is looking for.

Since she is not wearing a wedding ring, we know she is a single young woman. Red symbolizes passionate love, seduction and romance (Tracy & Bell, 2014, pig. 4), and the mannequin arm holding red roses is suggesting that he is romantic. The other hand of the mannequin is holding a guitar. According to a study published in Psychology of Music in July 2014, a woman is more likely to give her number to a guy holding a guitar case. It suggests that women associate musical talent with a genetic advantage and intellectual abilities, and that men who play guitar have sex appeal.

Music induces a positive effect, and this positive effect primes receptivity to a courtship request,” says Nicolas Eugene, study author and researches at the University of South Brittany in France. In representing “the perfect man” the mannequin is also wearing glasses. An article published in Journal of Applied Psychology of June 1944, research has shown that we do perceive people who wear glasses as more intelligent, industrious, honest and more dependable when compared to those who do not wear glasses. The legs in the box are wearing black dress pants and dress shoes.

International Journal of Hospitality Management reported in July 2010 that professional attire is the most important attributes in shaping favorable perceptions. Research also suggests that dressing professionally Jacket and tie or suit and tie) has resulted in feelings, or being perceived as, trustworthy and intelligent. Plummeted & Karl, 2007). Another factor of the “perfect man” is his white straight teeth. Teeth and smile determine facial attractiveness and eventually have an effect on the acceptability of a person in society.

Moore (1985) showed that a smile is the most observed behavior by women and perceived as being more attractive than neutral ones. A smile is also an indication of generosity, cooperativeness and wins trustworthiness. There is also a correlation between the frequency of a smile and an extroverted, emotional stable, openness personality according to Open Journal of Scatology (2013). Have straight white teeth is considered attractive and there is a very strong correlation between rank on a scale of beauty and professional income.

The mannequin also suggests that he is the “perfect man” because he has a tattoo on his arm. A tattoo has been proven to indicate early sexual initiation and more sexually active (Noiseless, 2012). Women fantasize about men who have a little bad side to them and are sexual. The woman is wearing red and a report showed that woman have a preference for wearing red clothing as a sexual signal to attract potential mates (Bell, 2014). Woman have been objectified in the media and have had their bodies enhanced, airbrushed and portrayed as “perfect” but in this advertisement, it is the man who is being objectified.

The woman appears to be good looking and successful since the room she is in has a contemporary sophisticated feel and is in a high rise building. Even though she seems successful and self-accomplished, she still ordered “the perfect man” for companionship, emotional stability and to make her feel financially secure. She seems puzzled and confused reading the instructions of how to put together a The advertisement is used by tapping into real life situations of women feeling insecure and the stereotype that even with success, they won’t be truly happy unless they have a male companionship.

Absolute Vodka is trying to empower women to take control over their lives in the advertisement by having the woman have complete control over the man she ends up with and by objectifying the man as being given to her. The victim of this advertisement is women, men, and the reader. It is exploiting woman’s real life insecurities, objectifying men as if they are something that can be controlled and constructed, and forcing the reader to conform to the stereotype of hat the media constitutes as “perfect”, “Absolute” and attractive in society, and that even successful woman need a man to be truly happy.

The idea of someone being perfect with only these qualities is sad and people should be accepted for their uniqueness and their personality rather than appearance. The advertisement catches the readers’ attention by the ironic situation of visual images and sarcastic, humorous tone. The quality of evidence presented does show the qualities of what is considered attractive and desirable to society in the mannequin but is showing an illogical scenario.

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