Anais Anais Perfume Target

For this essay the writter is going to write about two adverts, Advertising the perfumes ‘Anais Anais’ by cacharel of Paris and ‘GLOW’ by celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

In this piece of writing the writer will use different examples to explain certain techniques used in these adverts. In this case the writer has chosen to do two adverts advertising two very successful perfumes. The first of these perfume adverts is going to be ‘Anais Anais’ by cacharel of Paris and the second of these perfume adverts is going to be ‘GLOW’ by famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

Many advertisers use adverts to persuade certain people such as us to buy their gorgeous smelling perfumes. The aim of this piece of writing is to demonstrate how the writer understands or relates to the adverts and how they feel when they see these adverts, As the writer can relate to these two very interesting adverts, They will not be challenged in many ways, To use different examples to show us the difference between these two very sophisticated paper adverts.

The main purpose of this essay is for the writer to show their understanding of the advertising media, and to achieve a high standard of examples.

Anais Anais Perfume Target

I am now going to describe the first advert that is advertising the perfume ‘Anais Anais’ by cacharel of Paris. I have chosen this advert because the meanings of the words used are very cleverly used and the picture is also quite clever, The words are ‘and tenderness will move the world’ and the picture is of a very beautiful young lady who has got a very natural, elegant, calming and tender look.

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It has also got a picture of the perfume which is quite simple yet very attracting, the colours on the bottle are pink which denotes blossom or care, green which denotes nature or environment and white which denotes clean and cleanliness, with a tiny hint of silver which denotes sparkle and shine. So this advert is very simple but nice and very attractive as it says that the perfume is tender and gentle and that its tenderness will move the world.

I am now going on to describe the second advert that is also advertising a perfume that is ‘GLOW’ by Jennifer Lopez who is a very famous singer and actress. I chose to do this advert because it was very appealing and it also smells very sensual. The advert is very interesting as many women would like to be ‘Jennifer Lopez’ this is why the advert would be very appealing to women as this is the perfume that Jennifer Lopez wears.

The colours in this advert are mainly shades of gold as this is a colour of wealth and prosperity and the colour denotes the natural goodness. The main picture in this advertisement is of Jennifer Lopez who has no clothes on but is covered in sheer gold fabric or material, At the side of the advert is a picture of the perfume bottle whish has a very extravagant look which is meant in a way to be the shape of a woman’s body in theory. Where as the words are very different and quite bold and up front and this describes what the perfume is about, the words are ‘Fresh-Sexy-Clean it’s the GLOW’ this is a type of slogan as it is quite catchy and it tells u what the product is about in a way.

‘GLOW’ has been targeted to the younger women aged between 13-20 this is because Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful young lady who has many male admirers so the advert is going out to young women who would like to be admired by there fellow boyfriends or males they like. Whereas ‘Anais Anais’ is a more shuttle fragrance which is targeted more towards the mature, civilized lady of our day, but necessary anyone who has a good taste in perfume would buy any of these as I brought ‘Anais Anais’ and I am only 15. The target audience for ‘Anais Anais’ would be of ages between 21-30 who are a lot more mature than teenagers who would buy ‘GLOW’ by J-lo (Jennifer Lopez).

So the main difference between the two adverts is that one is targeted to a young hyper, sassy, sexy, loud, energetic, beautiful young lady which is the fragrance ‘GLOW’ and this would attract many young men or boys to the young sexy, sassy, nice scented lady, whereas the other is targeted to a more mature woman who has a very sophisticated, elegant, superior feeling or moods towards her or them rather than the sassy, wild, feeling round a younger sexy female, such as myself, So the perfume for the more mature lady would obviously be ‘Anais Anais’.

In my next section of writing I will be writing about what I am going to talk about, which is how different advertisers use different colours, visual images and words (language) to persuade consumers to buy the products, I am now going to start with the colours in the advert for the fragrance ‘Anais Anais’, the colours in this advert are sensual colours that have a very tender feeling towards the, these colours are mainly pastel shades such as pinks, greens, creams, blues, browns, whites and pale yellows which are very natural , although there is a tiny hint of silver and black on the bottle of the fragrance.

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