Red Bull Target Audience

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Recommendations for Red Bull to Sustain Their Marketing Momentum

The marketing strategy of Red Bull can be considered as one of the most successful one over the years. Red Bull has been famous for building a beverage brand without relying on mass-media. The central component in all marketing activities of Red Bull was “Word- of mouth”. Besides, Red Bull also created “adult cartoon” advertisement, pushed trial programme, invented an extensive network of events, sponsored leading athletes of extreme sports and branded refrigerated sales units to complete their marketing strategy.

Target Market For Red Bull

However, in order to sustain the marketing success, besides their traditional marketing campaign, we think that Red Bull need to take the following actions: ? Boosting mass-marketing campaign to embed the image of Red Bull – an energy drink- in customers’ minds: in the current harsh competition market, where multiple brands of energy drinks are available, it is hard for Red Bull to keep their position as the first choice in customers’ minds when they need an energy drink if customers do not have chance to see the image of Red Bull regularly.

Therefore, now it is the time for them to use other tools like billboards, banner ads or posters at the public places to maximize contact with customers. ?Increasing advertising on the internet: as the internet is so popular now and more and more people spend much of their time surfing the internet, Red Bull also needs to popularise their brand through some activities on the internet like creating some extreme games online and advertising on appropriate websites which are quite familiar with students and business people in different countries.

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Diversifying their products: Red Bull should show their innovation to customers to freshen the image as well as to create entry barriers against other competitors through product diversification.

They can introduce new kinds of drink with more vitamin plus or more flavours but they have to make sure that the new kinds are also energy drinks to maintain the relationship between the word “energy” with Red Bull. Creating Red Bull scholarship: due to the fact that students are considered as an important part in Red Bull’s target market, it is good for Red Bull to build their good image among students through granting three to five scholarships each year on their brand name to the students who get excellent results despite of difficult living conditions. ?Sponsoring charity activities: Red Bull also need to sponsor the charity activities relating to supporting people to overcome serious diseases or athletes to recover after injury.

This action together with the above action of granting scholarships not only helps Red Bull gain positive thinking from the public but also create a good link to the brand name “Red Bull gives you wings”. In sum, to maintain their marketing momentum, Red Bull needs to do all the necessary activities to strengthen the attachment between the word “energy” and the brand name Red Bull. Then whenever customers think about energy drink they will think about Red Bull.

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