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Conventions of Academic Writing Composition 2 April 21, 2011 Conventions of Academic Writing While writing you are required to type your papers in one of several different forms. The form you write your research/essay paper in is solely up to your instructor. Some of the styles consist of Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), footnote system, and numbering system. During my writing time, the style I mostly use is APA with this style it includes a title page, reference page, in text citations, as well as a reference page.

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The most common forms are MLA and APA. It is common to find someone or people with the same thoughts as you on a topic. One must be extremely careful not to plagiarize, the act of claiming another person’s words or ideas as if they were their own. It is easily avoided by using citations and quotation marks as wells as a works cited or reference page, you can also paraphrase statements/ideas/words.

If you are caught performing plagiarism you could be pentialized by academic probation or expulsed, it is best to read your schools rules and regulations on plagiarism to get a complete understanding.

There is several research terminology used in writing, the terminology you use in yours is solely based on the type of paper you are writing and whom your audience is. Research terminology is interpreted, evaluate, perform casual analysis, definition, comparison, or precedents proposal. The research terminology I have used to complete an assignment in the past is definition this is providing an extended definition to show that my subject fits into a selected and well-defined category.

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I have also used causal analysis which would be showing that a condition exists because of specific circumstances. Another term that I have used would be Analogy, which allows me to draw several parallels of similarity. To decide on what research terminology to use it is best to understand the assignment and what it is asking from you. Reference Lester, James D. , Writing Research Papers, A Complete Guide. 2010 Thirteenth Edition (3-8)

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Convention Of Academic Writing
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