Essay On Attitudes

This essay sample on Essay On Attitudes provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

The former does this by a ale narrator writing a poem to a female, using Imagery to entice her. The latter by using a duke, explaining the story of what happened to his previous wife whilst looking at her picture. Both the poems use imagery and other poetic devices but in different ways.

The first uses them more often to impress her. The second uses them in a different sense as the better part of the poem is the description of his previous wife and how she died.

Also they differ in their use of tone, language, style and devices. The poem His Coy is an argument and therefore structured like one.

The poem has three stanzas; the first and second are premises, whilst the last Is used as a conclusion.

This forms a logical argument; 1. ? we 2. 3. As the motive of the poem Is to convince his mistress to have sex with him the quotation shows this as It Is modeled as a persuasive argument.

What this tells us about the narrator Is that he will do anything to get what he wants even If the other person In the time it was written it was a crime in society for a woman to have sex before she gets married, in the poem she is not as only his mistress.

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Attitudes Essay Sample

Essay On Attitude

Compare and Contrast the Attitudes and Values of the Two Compare and Contrast the Attitudes and Values of the Two Compare and Contrast the Attitudes and Values of the Two

He is insensitive and selfish as he respect her values, it loud only be for his pleasure. In comparison Last is a dramatic monologue whilst using enjambment, Far hands/Worked busily a and is written in iambic pentameter. In the poem most of the lines do not end with any type of punctuation, enjambment. The poem being a dramatic monologue adds to the eccentric behavior, also this makes him seem like he was dominant over his previous wife which is his view on woman, that they are below him. In Dalton as he uses the enjambment this exaggerates the tone he uses.

This makes him seem angry at her, which Is why he ended up taking her life. However at the end there Is more punctuation which suggests Tanat en NAS remnant mess T Tanat en NAS a violators Ana Decodes calmer. As the poem is written in rhymed iambic pentameter, it maintains an even beat throughout the poem. Iambic pentameter has been said to be the most natural cadence of the English language. It consists of an iamb, which is two syllables: an unstressed followed by a stressed.

An example of an iamb might be the words “a heart,” drawn from the lines: “A heart-how shall I say? O soon made This shows that the duke sounds calm, using a standard English rhythm of speech. However this contrasts with the enjambment which makes his actions seem normal. Through the structure of the poems it shows that the two narrators attitudes are similar because they think that they have power over women, they are above them. However it also shows they are unlike as in the former poem he is being selfish and what he wants is only for his pleasure, whilst the latter narrator show this quality.

In the first poem the speaker uses imagery, alliteration and different statements to try to impress and flatter his lover. It starts off with a hyperbolic statement to make an impact, we but world enough, and imagery constantly throughout, of vast eternity?C,-1?0 and alliteration This shows a sensitive side of the speaker, he uses these poetic devices to make a greater meaning and give the poem more feeling. Also some of the imagery he uses greatly appeals to the readers senses, this makes him seem very persuasive and sly as he purposefully chose these words to do what it does.

The alliteration contributes to the euphony of the passage lending it a musical and more poetic air. This shows he knows how to write a love poem and he again he has all the right techniques for persuading a person. The second poem goes also use imagery, however in a different way and for a different purpose. The narrator is describing the duchess to the emissary my last duchess painted on the This shows he is only describing the painting but as he is using the imagery he describes what she was like and how she made him angry.

However as he describes her it makes her seem like she is Just an object, which she was to him. This is his view of woman, that they belong to a man which was very common belief at that time. From the poetic devices used their attitudes are different because in the first he shows his sensitive side and tries to put a bit of nuance into it. However the imagery in the second goes against him as he believes that she was his object and belonged to him. In both poems there is the recurrent theme of irony.

In His Coy Mistress?C,-1?0 the entire first section is ironic in the sense that the speaker knows he being genuine. The speaker uses words to his advantage and we can take little of what he says to be truthful. In Line 1, we but world enough, and The first section of the poem is a series of hyperbolic statements meant to impress and flatter the reader but the first word sets this section in the subjective tense. Essentially he is saying if they were to live forever he would promise her all of these things.

However of course they live forever and the speaker knows this before he starts the flattery. Line 19, lady, you deserve this Part of the speaker irony here is the knowledge is that although the lady might deserve it, she is immortal so she cannot have it. All of his extravagant assertions throughout this section are put in perspective because they are only based on fantasy. What this tells us tout ten narrator Is Tanat en wall say anything, even IT It Is contracted Day enamels, just to get this woman to sleep with him. This shows he is very persuasive but sin? at all genuine.

In comparison in Last Duchess?C,-1?0 verbal irony is demonstrated when the Duke says to the emissary, had you skill, In speech (which I have The Duke is not a modest man but this makes him seem slightly humble in the middle of his domineering speech, this establishes situational irony. This shows how the Duke needs control and complete power and he causes a weariness to overcome the reader through irony. From the irony used in the poems, they are different because in the first its shows that he is to genuine and that he only says these things to get his mistress to sleep with him. Only says these words to get what he wants and for his pleasure. Then in the second it shows the need of complete control over her and his dominance.

His Coy Mistress?C,-1?0 is a poem in which the speaker tries to convince the listener to go to bed with him, as such we might expect the tone to be coarse, lusty or even insincere as the presumption is that the speaker will say anything to argue his case. There is a light hearted tone to the poem, which suffers when the concept of death is brought up. The overall tone is more melancholy than what would have been expected.

The speaker says, hundred to adore each As throughout the entire first section of the poem, here the speaker flatters his lover to the point of exaggeration. This makes the tone in this section insincere and indecent. The poet speaks about death using the words, ? and What he says here alters the tone initiated in the first section through imagery associated with decomposition. These words institutes the realism of death. The tone here is sincere and melancholic and its effect lasting.

Then the speaker increases the tempo and uses words like, and

This is in the final section of the poem. These words give emphasis to the tone but they have been affected by the pensive mood which was set before. In comparison in Last Duchess?C,-1?0 the duke makes the poem about him by using words like, this makes the tone of the poem arrogant and possessive. However the sentence structure the Duke has used creates a conversational tone. It is the tone in which the duke speaks of his previous wife which displays the disturbing psychology behind his actions.

From the tone the two poems differ.

The former attitude is insincere at the beginning but then becomes nine yet melancholy. Whilst the latter is arrogant and possessive. In conclusion the poets attitude in His Coy Mistress?C,-1?0 is that he is a selfish man, who is only writing this for his pleasure. He is being romantic in the first section by complimenting her a lot and saying she is worth everything. But then he says she have it which makes him insincere and not genuine at all.

He is also slightly melancholic towards the end. The aim of the poem was to persuade his mistress to sleep with him.

I think he has done this rather well because he uses very rueful persuasive techniques and has used ways of appealing to the listener. The poets attitude in Last Duchess?C,-1?0 is that he thinks he has power over women and they are beneath him. He saw his last wife as an object which he was in possession of which bring with that a need of control over her. He is also moldering Ana arrogant. I en alma AT tans poem Is to explain ten plectrum AT Nils last duchess and what happened to her.

He has done this, as it is only describing. However Browning shows us the traits of the Duke without ever mentioning them explicitly.

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