Essay About Being A Kpop Fan

Korea has become the household of the popular culture within the Middle East as well as the entire Asian continent. Today, the Korean Popular Culture commonly known as the K-Pop has acquired popularity in the world. The digital media and the internet have contributed to this growth. The people of Korea have adopted the K-Pop culture as their culture and continue to consume K-Pop through music, dance, dramas, Korean movies and so on. As in other regions of the globe, in the Middle East, K-Pop fan appears to develop a specific interest in the Korean culture, engage in online discussions, fan gatherings and communicate with other fans.

Regarding K-Pop, especially, the music industry, K-Pop has played a role in commodifying the Korean Culture.This paper focuses on the commodification of Korean Culture through K-Pop.

K-Pop appeals to the Koreans because it is different from the Western popular culture. According to Research Institute of Korean Studies (2012), the fact that it circulates within the Asian continents makes it provide a sense of living in a shared time and common experience of modernity, which cannot be represented well by the American popular culture.

K-Pop presents a common experience that is exceptional to East Asia only. Indeed, for an individual to become a K-Pop fan, he or she needs to understand and immerse himself or herself in K-Pop experience. As a result, many of the Korean has found it appealing and representing their culture. Even in the entertainment companies as well as K-Pop artists, the K-Pop culture appears superior to other culture.

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As a matter of fact, they have been called out for misrepresenting and disrespecting other cultures in their concepts such as the African-American culture and the Native American culture (Research Institute of Korean Studies:2012).

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Essay About Being A Kpop Fan
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