Thoughtless Cruelty by Charles Lamb Analysis

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Most people. at some point of their lives. have tortured inferior insects whether it be drawing the wings off a fly or oppressing an emmet. In the verse form “Thoughtless Cruelty” by Charles Lamb the reader can see that the writer is so angry about such a thing. The writer uses the poetic devices such as enunciation.

rime. and item to depict his attitude toward those who perform such “Thoughtless Cruelty” . The writer first directs his attending to “Robert” that has “kill’d that fly” .

The writer so says the adult male was “devoid Of idea and sense” to hold killed the fly. Here.

the writer is connoting that “Robert” must hold been stupid for killing the guiltless animal. The writer goes on speaking about natural decease as a bird “devours” it or a “cold blast in the night” will take its life. By depicting the natural causes of the insect’s decease. Lamb sympathizes for the animal because of its unnatural decease.

Lamb continues discoursing that hurting exists in even “The greatest being” .

and even the “smallest 1s possess” the feeling of decease and hurting experienced before. The writer goes on with more item in the piece about the petroleum wit in the creature’s atrocious decease. Lamb explains. “The life you’ve taken to provide. You could non make it” that the life “Robert” has taken can non be restored.

no affair how hard he tries. The writer tries to do “Robert” experience guilty by edifying him. “A thing which no manner you annoy’d – You’ll one twenty-four hours repent it” .

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proposing that one twenty-four hours he will recognize his inhuman treatment and morn the decease of the fly. “The bird but seeks his proper food… May merely take [ its life ] ” .

Here Lamb goes into more item about the natural decease the fly may hold experienced. “A life by Nature made so short. Less ground is that you for athletics Should shorter do it. ” Lamb once more tries to weigh more guilt upon “Robert” . “Although their frame and construction less Escape our seeing.

” they still experience hurting and its horrors. Though the rhyme strategy of AAAB. Charles Lamb starts to utilize the poetic device of rime to besides show his attitude. In the first stanza. he talks about how “Robert.

killed that “fly” . but non count how difficult he may “try” to “supply” the life he has taken. he could ne’er “do it” . In the 2nd stanza Lamb writes that “Robert” must hold been “devoid” of believing to hold “destroy’d” the fly that he ne’er “annoy’d” . and will one twenty-four hours “rue it” .

showing negativeness by sympathising for the guiltless animal. The writer so goes into the natural decease by exemplifying the bird seeking its “food” . that destiny whose power “endu’d” the fly thinks the clip is “good” will take “it” . Finally. the writer to the full expresses himself when he explains the hurting “The greatest being” can hold with its “flesh” that even the fly may “possess” .

little and construction “less” may get away our “seeing” . All in all. the writer uses many poetic devices such as enunciation. item. and rime to show his attitude toward.

what seems tragic to the writer. event. Even the rubric “Thoughtless Cruelty” expresses the writers feelings. Thingss may be different now. when you see a fly.

drawing the wings off a fly may non look the same.

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