How Can America Efficiently Solve the Problems of Animal Cruelty?

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America has been considered a “safe haven” for individuals across the world. Even in Upton Sinclair’s novel “The Jungle”, citizens from Lithuania saw America as a place for prosperity. Unfortunately in our “great” nation, more than 48.1 million citizens are starving every single day. More than 15% of our nation is in poverty, and citizens are spend 10% of their income on food alone. Additionally, expenses are only increasing when looking at the price of rent, gas, and necessities increasing. In cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even Fresno, mothers are forced to beg for money near the highway, and children are forced to go to school without the proper nutrition at home.

Even if America is considered to be the “Land Of Opportunity”, it is inevitable that poverty and starvation is a perpetuating concern for Americans and immigrants. Similar to Jurgis, I strongly believe that every person in America has come across a homeless mother or family begging for money, living in scrapped up cloth, and calling a shopping cart and bench their “home”.

Many animals, alongside humans are also homeless and starving every single day. Dogs and Cats are not only becoming stray, but also a threat at times to humans. There are over 8 million animal shelters in America, and over 7.4 million dogs and cats are taken into these animal shelters every single year. Not only are they considered a burden to America’s economy, but these animals are also suffering every single day. Sleeping in a confined area, fed cheap and even unhealthy food, and living a large sum of their life on the cold hard ground.

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Sounds similar to prisoners and inmates in America who have committed felony and posed a threat to communities. The only difference is that, these animal are only thrown into animal shelter because they never had a home to begin with.

In order to kill three birds with one stone, we can simply eliminate the dogs and cats, and cherish their delicious flesh that is considered a delicacy in many countries. Throughout many countries in South America and Asia, dogs have been a staple food for thousands of years. Dog curry in Indian, Hotpot in China, and even stew in Peru, dog is not only delicious, but also as a nutritious meal. Many people have compared dog to beef and mutton, but more tender and juicy. Even Switzerland, a European country who has one of the lowest poverty rates, enjoys cat as an everyday meal. If we could simply eliminate the animals in shelters and enjoy their nutritious flesh, we could combat the issue of starvation, help our American economy, and end the suffering and grief the animals face. With more than 7.4 million dogs and cats going into shelters every single year, this can be an opportunity for cheaper produce and help combat the issue of starvation and expensive grocery. By slaughtering the dogs and cats in shelters, this can provide more than 50,000 meals every single day for families in America. With the simple economic principle of supply and demand, because there would be an increase of meat in grocery markets, the demand for it would definitely decrease due to corporations competing for the “best” price. Not only would dog and cat meat be cheap, but this can also lower the price for beef, pork, and chicken.

More families now have a wide variety of protein and can enjoy a new type of cuisine. Our United States Federal Government spends a lot of money every single year of Animal Shelters. In 2008, the ASPCA or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received over $93 million dollars through subsidies. The numbers have constantly increased in recent years due to the growth of stray cats and dogs. If Animal Shelters can simply provide cats and dogs as a food source, our government wouldn’t have to spend so much money on Animal Shelters. New tax payer dollars can be spent on education, infrastructure, health care, and even veterans who have served America, but have to live on the streets because our government has no money. This proposal will raise many moral concerns over the issue; however, we humans cannot comprehend what type of torture these animals live through every single day. We humans only judge behind a monitor every day, comfortably at home on a couch or chair. We do not understand how it feels to live and sleep on a cold floor day and night. We do not understand how it feels to be fed cheap food that is meant for the homeless. We cannot even comprehend the sadness, despair, and loneliness that these animals face every day because they do not have a home. Confined in a small room is something we do not experience every single day.

These cats and dogs not only face depression, but have developed anxiety and fear because of the poor living circumstances they face. We wouldn’t be ending their lives in a brutal and painful matter, but we will end their lives through a happy way, where they would die in peace. In the wise words of Richard Bach,” If you love something, set it free”. Citizens will condemn this proposal and say how it is immoral, but the people who criticize this proposal are the true villains of America. Having these animals suffer every day is no different from a concentration camp. As Americans, it is in our best concern to efficiently solve issues in America. If we can eat dogs and cats, not only can we combat starvation and poverty, but we can also solve the issue of our national debt. These animals are facing cruel standards every day and we should not perpetuate their sadness and grief.

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