Filipino Characteristics Essay

The Filipinos are friendly because we have a assurance with our endowment. We Filipinos are stating salutations like “hi” or “hello” to other people. And I choose the negative trait Undisciplined because I agree with its trait. Why? Because when we say train it is making what is right at the right clip. The ground why they are stating we are friendly that is because we are happy. When we are happy. we are in a good temper so that they can near us easy.

Another ground why we are friendly. it is because we want many friends. non merely friends but existent friends. But choose the friends who are good influence to you.

Who Am I As A Filipino Essay

I choose this trait because I am besides a friendly Filipino. I want to hold many friends. so that when I’m in the thick of problem I have many existent friends to assist me. In felicity. solitariness and depression.

I choose Undisciplined as a negative trait. Although it is negative trait but there is no uncertainty about it. In this coevals. we have many appliances that distract us for making what we should make in that clip. Therefore we are doing merriment of the appliances today. Filipinos are friendly. The cogent evidence of this trait are In my first twenty-four hours of the school I don’t have any friends in personal. merely in Facebook.

I have a seatmate. we don’t approach each one. It’s like both of us are waiting to inquire his name.

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few proceedingss I ask his name so he answered so we are now friends. We besides asked the name of his seatmate. The undermentioned yearss. his friend and my friends are now friends. We have many friends. I think this trait comes merely in our civilization. It doesn’t come on other state. And we Filipinos are hospitable so that the other states comment that we are friendly. Merely in the Philippines who are hospitable. Filipinos are undisciplined. In our coevals. we have many appliances we have many amusement things.

We forgot our things that we should make. I experience this and besides I am sing it nowadays. I have an assignment to make. so the telecasting is on. There is a beautiful films. so after that film there is another beautiful film. I that instance. we have a inclination to blow the clip for the assignment. Another illustration. we have an assignment. Then the meeting clip is 9am crisp. you arrived at that place 10am. That is undisciplined Filipino. We are lazy. it came from the Spaniards. The direction is to compose in the notebook. Then you merely take a image or captured it.

My point is that we have to recognize. What are Filipinos like? Where we came from? Where did we acquire that attitude? How can be a originative in our states. I imagine if we colonize other state. we portion our traits to them. I realized that our other attitude came from different state. In our state. we have a originality. Like being polite to seniors. By stating “po” and “opo” . You say “opo” and “po” in your parents. grandmother. grandfather. Tito. tita. elder brother. senior sister. aliens. By being hospitable. when we have visitants we rapidly help them. by giving nutrient. merianda.

We pretend to be happy. even if we have major jobs. Like when there is a catastrophe. we are ever happy. All I can state is we Filipinos are alone race. We are different in other state. We have a alone sense of wit merely in the Philippines. Filipinos over the old ages have proven clip and clip once more that they are a people with an hardworking attitude. This is seen by others as Filipinos being merely utile as domestic assistants. working abroad to assist their households in the state. Like the husbandmans in our state. they use at that place ain power. Unlike in other state they us machines to do some “palay” .

Even with small support. technological failings and the country’s seasonal typhoons. the Filipino husbandman still work hard to gain their day-to-day repast. We. Filipinos are besides spiritual in our beliefs peculiarly in Catholicism and Islam. Families would beef up and promote their kids to go to merely one time a hebdomad in the mass at the same clip we have a household bonding and beef up out relationship in each member of the household. And in conclusion Filipinos are honest in there behaviors. In general. they would prefer to work hard for an honorable day’s wage than to happen an easier manner like stealing or rip offing.

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