A Review of On the Wings of Love, a Filipino Romantic Comedy Series

“Achieve, kaw na, juice colored, push!“ familiar isn’t it? This line is one of the famous lines from the newest primetime habit of Filipinos and even foreigners, On the Wings of Love. This 2015 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin, starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre in their first primetime television series is creating a big commotion worldwide. The rom-com centers around two different people — Leah, a simple girl with an American dream, and Clark, a boy living his American life -»- who are forced to marry each other in order to legally stay and continue working in US, On the Wings of Love also have a side story that features the determination overseas Filipino workers have.

“Pusong OFW,” Tira Jack‘s (played by Ms. Cherrie Pie Picache) heart-touching line to describe their hardships, sorrow and longing abroad.

As a result of this, many Filipinos abroad can truly relate with Clark and Leah. Many people are hooked on OTWOL since the “Jadine” loveteam has truly wonderful chemistry that people can’t get enough If you can still remember the most approved kiss, this “kilig” moment earned positive comments from netizens, Even celebrities also praise OTWOL such as John Lapus, Kiray Celis, Myrtle Gail, Gretchen l-lo, Leah Salonga, Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford and even Ms.

Cory Vidanes which is a Filipina executive and currently serves as Channel Head for ABS» CBN. It also earned 248% ratings compared to the rival network which only have 14.6% of ratings.

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Teenagers or not, with or without teeth, people believing in forever orjust bitter feel the “kilig-to-the-bones” feeling. One of the directors, Antoinette Jadaone, said that the “lift kiss” is not included in the scene but “Jadine” added it that makes it extra special. The love team also considers each other as partners in crime and has a very genuine friendship. Jack Winter, an American soldier expresses his idea about OTWOL using his YouTlee account. “ I am 27 year old, muscle bond, hard core army ranger! Spent a year and a half in Iraq and 22 months in Afghanistan, been involved in a couple of dozen combat operations and then what? Giggled so much because of OTWOLI Unbelievable!” Another comment from usernarne, 777sheel, “I am subscribing to TFC because of OTWOLI I am 43 years old but I feel like I am back in high school, giggling and giddy over a love team”.

Last September 19 2015 at Fairview Terraces Central Garden, 7 000 OTWOLista hurriedly came to the said venue as early as 6:00 am even the program will start at 4:00 pm for Jadine’s endorsement of their OTWOL’S scrapbook. A 73 year-old Jadine fan attended the event despite of the hotness and crowd She said that she is a Jadine fan since Diary ng Panget and attended several concert but doesn’t have the chance to meet them personally This Lime, luckily she got the chance to meet and greet her idols. Their relationship and sweet pictures together rank high on the list of #RelationshipGoals, seriously? I can say that Jadine is one of the most favorite love team of people nowadays However, James Reid and Nadine Lustre are very thankful of their fans, producers, family and especially to God. They are also thankful of having each other to their lives, a one of a kind partner that is always there every step of the way. Makes you wish you‘ll find your own partner in crime, right?

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