Indolence Of The Filipino Reaction Paper

When we talk about indolence it’s being about the laziness of Filipinos. We all know that many Filipinos are now indolence here in our society. But most of them are hardworking persons. And in my opinion I do not think that Filipinos are lazy because we are hardworking and independent group of people. And some of us are working in abroad just to raise our family in poverty especially to provide the basic needs of family the clothing, shelter and food.

And because of that many Filipinos who strived hard just to give their children a decent life and proper education. But there are some who are indolence to reach their goal and lack of self-determination. With this, many Filipinos who are lazy to simply follow the rules and regulations in our society. Like the proper disposal of garbage and the traffic laws. This means that, by this simple instructions we tend to be independent, in other words lazy. Filipinos are sometimes tend to be lazy because of the low economy of our country.

They are lazy finding solutions to their problems. That’s why many of us were influenced to do negative actions such as kidnapping, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and not pursuing education trying to fit in and becoming part of a circle, not standing with the negative influences is truly the miserable thing that a Filipino with encounter. However, the thing that I must be proud of being a Filipino is that being hospitable to the other people and also they work hard under the heat of the sun like the farmers.

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Without them we are nothing because we don’t have nothing to eat.Also to the Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW they endure to leave their family and suffer the consequences to the other country. Even though there are others who are molested by their employee because to them we are just nothing, nothing but a low educated person. There are some who stand strong and not affected of what the foreigners treated the Filipinos. They have the strong determination that without the Filipinos they are nothing, they only depend on us because we’re hardworking and most of them don’t know how to facilitate their own living. That’s why I’m proud to be a Filipino.

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Indolence Of The Filipino Reaction Paper
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