what is a totalitarian state?
control over all aspects of public and private life

whose theory of relativity replaces newtons laws of motion and gravity?
Albert Eisenstein

what do Franz Kafka, James Joyce and F. Scott Fitzgerald all have in common?
all authors in the lost generation

most nations after world war I had what type of government?
Coalition government

what event started the beginning of the great depression?
the stock market crash

how did Roosevelt’s new deal program fight the depression?
it created new jobs through public works

which German political party wants to overturn the treaty of Versailles and combat communism?
Nazi party/ National Socialist German Workers Party

what action did Germany, italy, and Japan all take in the 1930s?
sought to solve nations’ problems in conquest

what term was used to identify the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan?
Axis Power

what was the goal of the us isolationists after world war I?
keep america out of foreign affairs

what is the main idea of existentialism?
no universal meaning of life

what effect did ww1 have on the literature of the 1920s?
writers questioned old ideas

what effect did the dawes plan have on the economy of postwar Germany?
It slowed down inflation rates and stabilized the currency

in the 1920s what damages the us economy?

what caused germs to start taking Adolf Hitler and his messages seriously?
the great depression

what was the policy of appeasement?
giving in to aggressors to keep peace

why did Japan invade Manchuria?
it was rich in iron and coal

what effect did the nonaggression pact between the nazi’s and the soviets have on the balance of powers in Europe?
They out did the rest of the world powerwise

how did Sigmund Freud’s ideas weakened faith in reason?
creating a theory about the human mind and how its irrational, or beyond reason

what impact did the radio have after the war?
It allowed families to enjoy broadcasts of news, plays, music, and sports

why did coalition governments usually prove unstable?
multi-parties disagreed on many things and the countries didn’t have much experience with democracy

why did millions of Germans turn against the leaders of the Weimar Republic?
They signed the Treaty of Versailles

What was the major cause of the collapse of the stock market?
Stocks sold for more than they were worth

What fear added to the speak of fascism in Italy and Germany?
A communist revolution

Why did Hitler target the Jewish population as scapegoats for all of Germany’s troubles?
Hatred of Jews, or anti-semitism, was a key part of Nazi ideology

The Munich conference came to symbolize the dangers of what?

what important role did Winston Churchill play during this period?
He was very against appeasement

In what way was japan different from its allies Germany and Italy?
it was ruled by militarists who kept the emperor in power

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