After the war of 1812, many Americans from the east moved out west bringing everything with them like their technology etc. to become rich by the gold and silver and because the cattle were cheap. They also wanted to spread their Christianity as far as possible (Document 6). Even though the ride was long they still went. The U.S government wanted to expand west. This was called the westward expansion. Which was when Americans began to settle in the east. There are many causes of westward expansion and effects that support it.

Causes and Effects of Westward Expansion

One cause of the westward expansion is manifest destiny; the effect is that Native Americans. A cause of the westward expansion is manifest destiny. Manifest destiny is the idea that U.S should stretch from the Atlantic and pacific. Settlers used this motion to conquer Native American territories and force them to assimilate to American culture (class notes 9/23/16). The expansion also relates to the manifest destiny which was an idea for America to expand across the continent.

An effect of westward expansion was that the population decreased (Document 1). The population decreased because the Americans from the east moved to the west because they thought life was better over there in the west. The population decreased is related to the Native American Assimilation which was an assimilation effort by the united states to transfer Native American culture to European American culture ( It also required Native Americans boys boarding schools which children were required to attend, couldn’t speak native language, bias history taught and cut hair of Native Americans if not they refused to give them food etc.

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(class notes, 10/7/16). The Dawes act was also related to the effect of westward expansion because this act of 1887 tried to lessen traditional influences on Indian society by making land ownership private rather than shared (textbook by William Dever…

Westward Expansion Cause And Effect

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