Westward Expansion Essay

The following sample essay on Westward Expansion Essay tells about growing network of communication.

Besides the additional land being farmed by ho mastered, huge ranches were created for cattle raising. Especially in the states of Texas and K nanas, millions Of cattle were herded to the railroad and shipped to the slaughterhouses of Chic ago. A new mining industry began following the discovery of gold on the west coast. Tens of thou sands of people moved, creating future cities like San Francisco and Denver.

The completion o f the transcontinental railroad connected the Atlantic and Pacific coasts allowing of the shipping of goods across the country.

Western farm products like wheat, corn, beef, and poultry were shipped east to feed the growing number borrowers in factories in cities like Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. The increase in land, natural resources, and industry g eve the United States a larger role in the world. Finally, westward expansion secured the United States by pushing foreign pop Were Off Of the continent.

By controlling both coasts, the country was protected by the co means, therefore separating it from the other continents.

Through the Monroe Doctrine, the UN tied States eliminated European colonization in the Western hemisphere and became its most powerful nation. Through development of industry, the United States was able to grow as a manufacturing and trading power. As industry grew immigrants poured into the “land of pop orotund)/’ seeking what became known around the world as the “American dream”. In conclusion, westward expansion was responsible for the increasing variety of geography, population, and industry which shaped the changing United State s during the 19th century.

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These changes led to the opportunity for Americans to own land. The new settlements led to a growing network of communication, transportation, and trade. The SST deadly increasing population strengthened the work force. As its economy grew, the United Sat test role as a world power increased.

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Westward Expansion Essay
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