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An attempt to decrypt the inner workings of dentistry, the development of oral health – every research project I’ve worked on in my undergraduate years has got me excited about the vast potential opportunity trapped in Dental Sciences. But every one of these times, I’ve faced a formidable challenge: the intricacy and complexity of dentistry itself. The chaos of molecular motion forms the basis for a remarkably well-organized biological system, whose actual mechanisms are only now being highlighted through better instruments.

From the few glimpses we’ve had, I believe that one of the biggest changes to be ever witnessed by humanity is just beyond the horizon, the beginning of Dentistry. I began my undergraduate education at Dharamsinh Desai University with the firm belief that Dental Sciences with a strong focus. My first practical experience was in summer 2008 with participation in the dental health camps organized by the faculty at my University. Our efforts were towards the community for the improvement of dental health amongst the local populace.

Acknowledging the hazardous effects of smoking and chewing tobacco with the aim of persuading patients to maintain their oral hygiene was my principal crusade. I had the opportunity to participate and contribute during the seminars on “Temporomandibular joint disorders”, “Oral health and cardiovascular diseases”, “Periodontal flap surgery” and “Oral microbial flora”. Also, I had the privilege of assisting the faculty during the surgical procedures of disimpaction, cyst enucleation, periodontal flap surgery, vestibulopathy and reduction of fractures.

The rotating internship provided me a chance to get acquainted with and sharpen my clinical dentistry skills during my postings in different departments.

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As a dental student, I was also nominated for a Teaching Assistant role for freshman and sophomore undergraduates. Through my limited teaching experiences, I realized that I do enjoy both the sharing and learning that happens through teaching.

While my most memorable experiences and greatest achievements have been outside the classroom in research settings, I have also maintained a balance of the strong academic record in high school and in college as well After my graduation, I worked at a private dental clinic to keep myself abreast with the latest trends in clinical dentistry. Here in I acquired the skills of endodontic rotary systems, flexible dentures, and rubber-based impression materials.

However, I realized the need for further education for successful management of a dental office driving me to make up my mind to learn administrative skills and the basics of health care systems After considering factors such as wanting a degree from an American university in the field of my interest and a successful career.

Since the United States has one of the most effective health care systems in the world I decided to pursue a career in one of the sciences that deals mainly and precisely with what I am interested in. I researched different universities in the U. S. , and found that many schools offer the program that I am looking for. Since I have already graduated with a Bachelor’s in Dental Science in India, I have a good understanding of this field. To have a glimpse of dentistry in the United States, I spent substantial time actively acquiring valuable clinical experience at a dental office under the tutelage of Dr. Falguni Patel.

The high standards of treatment protocols and the use of advanced technologies which I came across made me realize that I still have to learn much more and it fuelled my aspiration to apply for the program designed for foreign graduate dentists. Looking forward to the future I would love to have my own dental practice and continue the noble work. But prior to that, I would prefer to work as an associate dentist with the veterans in the field and acquire valuable clinical acumen. The well-qualified faculty at Boston University College of Dental Medicine will provide me with a golden prospect to study a multi-faceted curriculum.

The collaboration with other disciplines at the Boston University Medical Center will bestow me with comprehensive knowledge and will expand my horizons for the total health care management of the patients. The excellent research opportunities at your university will add a new dimension to my vocation since I never garnered an opportunity to come across it during my dental schooling in India I feel that I should be accepted into this program because I am dedicated and diligent. Like most people, I have strengths and weaknesses.

My academic strengths are my aptitude for the sciences. Although I have applied myself to all areas of my studies, my weaknesses exist in some courses are thus reflected in my GPA. Also, being a dentist in India and practicing for over a year as a Dental Surgeon in India has helped me grow a lot. I gained immense self-confidence, and time management skills too. It is not easy for a student from Nadiad, India to be accepted to a reputable university in the US, and I do not take my admission or my studies at this school for granted.

My dedication and diligence in the past are the reasons why I am here today and if I am accepted into the Advance Education in General Dentistry program, I promise not to take that opportunity for granted either. I have always believed that I can achieve anything; I simply had to find the means for which to make it happen. I thank you in anticipation for considering my application at your prestigious institute. I would be glad to provide any additional information that you might require at any time.

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